Travel & Adventure (80)

Siberian Odyssey 52'

The challenge of Nicolas Vanier, that will cross Siberia from east to west, traveling with a sled and his ten sled dogs.

The Great Rise 52'

Young people from the banlieues in difficult situations set off to conquer Mont Blanc alongside a world-famous mountaineer.

Two armchairs for a forwarding 52'

In 2007, two disabled teenagers arrive in Greenland. They are part of a sporting and scientific expedition of 17 people that will lead them to the ice cap. A world first for people in wheelchairs.

Under The Pole: Deepsea Under The Pole 52'

Dive into the frigid waters of the Arctic to discover an awe-inspiring silent universe under the ice of the Arctic Ocean. In this underwater polar expedition, the team spends two months trekking by foot over ice floes to reach the destination.

Ushuaïa Nature 36x45'

Ushuaia Nature travels around the world, on journeys to discover people, as well as animal and plant species. These incredible adventures are a way to experience exceptional encounters, sometimes for the first time ever.

What’s cooking in the world? 14x26’

Discover the world through some of the most delicious and unusual dishes from countries like China, Morocco and Venezuela.

Backroads USA 5x26' & 5x43'

An extraordinary road trip across the unseen face of the United States, guided by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Katja Esson.

Catherine Destivelle, Beyond the Summits 52'

An intimate film that follows Catherine Destivelle, one of the world's best climbers, on three spectacular climbs in the Alps.

Lands Across the World 20x26'

This series takes us on an exploration of 20 must-see places around the world to discover some exceptional destinations. From the Cook Islands to Louisiana or Quebec, we will uncover one breathtaking landscape after the next.

Under The Pole: The New Frontier 52'

A team of adventurers takes us on a polar expedition to explore the cold depths of Greenlands’ fjords. To reach this goal, they will be surrounded by a team of experts. A fabulous human and scientific adventure that immerses us into the unknown.

Under The Pole: Polar Immersion 52'

The Under The Pole team plunge us in a new exploration in the grip of the polar winter. An immersion between studies of the climate change impacts on the Greenland ices, and exchanges with Inuit population.

Islanders, apart together 3x52' 4K

Embark on a journey to unique and remote islands around the world and meet those who remain closely attached to their roots and try to find their place in a changing world.

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