Travel & Adventure (80)

Carnival(s) 5x52' & 5x43'

This series takes us inside a spectacular tradition: the Carnival. This celebration witnesses the strong relationship between cities and inhabitants. Inside 5 carnivals in different countries, we discover the culture and the history of a population.

Corsica: the pearl of the Mediterranean 52', 5x43' & 5x26'

A land of great diversity, the Mediterranean isle of Corsica has more than 1,000 km of stunning coastline made up of capes, cliffs, bays and beaches.

Discovering the World 49x52'

Explore the world from the highest peaks of Africa to the skyscrapers of New York City and the white sandy beaches of Costa Rica, far from postcard clichés and tourist attractions.

Doctors of the Extreme 3x52'

The series takes us around the world on to discover the most unusual and… mobile hospitals. For doctors, emergency operations in remote places remain considerable challenges.

Greece, a Land on Water 4x26'

Greece: a country in motion, made of 15000 kilometers of coast and more than 9000 islands. Meet locals, trying to resist the crisis by rediscovering their real national treasure: the sea.

Green Trip 24x26'

Daphné and Boris turns us on to their eco-friendly attitude and responsible approach to travel and leisure, as they explore stunning natural wonders throughout the world.

Ice Abysses 52'

This film is a portrait of two passionate ice caves pioneers, explorer-glacionaut Serge Aviotte, and the scientist-glaciologist Luc Moreau.

Inside the Tsingy 52'

In Madagascar, three seasoned speleologists hope to discover new cavities. They come to the terrain to verify the presence of chasms detected on satellite photos.

On the Road to Ushuaïa 12x26'

An invitation to travel to all four corners of the globe in a wonderous discovery of our planet.

Quest for inspiration 52'

The Quest for Inspiration is an immersion into the world of landscape photographer Alexandre Deschaumes. The artist portrays his world landscapes with a dreamlike and artistic vision.

Rust Paradise 4x52'

Plunge into a journey across rust cemeteries (trains, boats, planes, tanks) and discover the remains of our industrial civilization. A breathtaking voyage to a spectacular and totally unrevealed world now overtaken by nature.

Serge Aviotte, the Iceman 52'

Located on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, Greenland is almost totally covered by a vast glacier; the ice sheet. Fascinated by this place, Serge Aviotte organizes his 14th expedition, on which scientific research meets sporting exploit.

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