Travel & Adventure (80)

Un été sur l'île de Ré 60'

During a summer, we will discover its ravishing landscapes, in the company of lovers of the island.

A World of Colours 21x52' 4K - NEW EPS!

How about travelling the world through colors? Embark on a world tour and explore countries’ culture, history, traditions and landscapes through this original prism.

Cuba, Embracing Its Future 2x52' & 110'

Experience the Cuban way of life and meet the men and women who keep it alive. Between claimed heritage and modernity, the Cuban people have created a unique society.

Eternal Egypt 4x52' 4K

From the Nile to the desert and guided by locals, explore Egypt through its ancient myths.

Family on the Road 21x52'

Fred, Laure, Martin and Chine travel around the world to meet people who try to make the world a better place and imagine new solutions to bring people and nature together.

Hawaii, Soul of Ukulele 52'

A ukulele fanatic, Joann Sfar flies to Hawaii to discover the origin of this mythical instrument. His goal: to flush out the ukulele of its dreams, steeped in history and charged with the famous Hawaiian spirit of the Aloha.

Morocco, lands of colors 5x26' & 5x43'

Morocco is a place of a thousand different shades. Through these colors, we will explore the most spectacular places in Morocco, meeting those who live there and who work hard to preserve them.

Mythical Roads 53x52' - New Episodes!

Old or new, deserted or crowded, some roads are paved with legends. This series casts a new light on these roads through the eyes of the men and women who continue to sustain the legends.

New Zealand, a Legendary Land 110', 2x52' & 2x26'

Embark on a breathtaking voyage to a unique territory and meet the Maori people who lives in harmony with nature.

On the Rails 5x52'

From Mauritania to Sicily, from Mexico to the USA and Czech Republic, this hosted series explores the most legendary railways across the world, and tells the stories and the daily life of the inhabitants met along the way.

On the Trail of the Snow Leopard 52'

In a secret valley of the Tibetan Plateau lives a mythical animal: the snow leopard. Facing the altitude and the bitter cold, two nature photographers brothers follow its track.

Polynesia, the Tourism of the Future 52'

How can we imagine new ways to discover Polynesia? Can we think of a tourism that is more respectful of the inhabitants, the culture and the environment?

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