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1000km Rowing Across the Zambezi 52'

Mille kilomètres à la rame sur le Zambèze, des chutes de Chavuma aux chutes Victoria. Une immersion complète à deux sur un canoë, pour mieux aller à la rencontre des tribus qui bordent le fleuve et des nombreux animaux qui viennent y boire.

4 Seasons in Aubrac 2x60'

The Aubrac region through the 4 seasons and through its inhabitants.

7 days, 7 nights 3x56'

Spend 7 days and 7 nights in Menton, Biarritz, and Nancy.

Adventures on the sea ice 60'

Discover the daily life of this family who settled down close to an Inuit face.

Beyond Human Limits 3x52'

An exciting series on adventurous scientists who test the limits of their own bodies…

Big Screen Splendors 5x45' & 5x26'

On the trail of big screen heroes (The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Bridget Jones...) discover breathtaking sites which were once used as movie sets.

Islanders, apart together 3x52' 4K

From Haiti to Madagascar, embark on a journey to discover unique and remote islands around the world and meet the men and women who remain closely attached to their roots and who try to find their place in a changing world.

Meet my Wild Pet 5x52'

A young traveler makes us discover countries (Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Romania and Scotland) through emblematic species. A fresh and original way to travel that goes to the heart of nature.

Montmartre, a village in Paris 60'

Its Sacré-Cœur, its bistros, its cabarets...What has become of Montmartre today?

The birdwoman's dream 52'

Follow the first woman to fly off the top of the Matterhorn, one of the highest summits in the Alps and in Europe. An unprecedented challenge that technological progress has made possible.

The Great Alps Crossing 4x52'

They are ten, do not know each other and embark on a 620 km trek across the Alps, from Lake Geneva to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Un été sur l'île de Ré 60'

During a summer, we will discover its ravishing landscapes, in the company of lovers of the island.

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