Travel & Adventure (85)

Big Screen Splendors 5x45' & 5x26'

On the trail of big screen heroes (The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Bridget Jones...) discover breathtaking sites which were once used as movie sets.

Exploring Antarctica: A Coveted Land 52'

200 years after the discovery of the white continent, an International expedition explores the human impact on this protected sanctuary, and reveals the stakes which lie behind it.

Georgia: Keepers of the Mountains 52'

In the remote mountains of Georgia, lives a people of shepherds. A photographer embarks on a journey to meet them, and capture the atmosphere of this unique place.

Inanga: The sound of Rwanda 52'

Amélie Mutarabayire Schafer returns to Rwanda, her homeland, to fulfill her childhood dream: to learn to play the "Inanga", the traditional zither. She seeks to rediscover what makes the Rwandan people vibrate: music, dance, and poetry.

Meet my Wild Pet 5x52'

A young traveler makes us discover countries (Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Romania and Scotland) through emblematic species. A fresh and original way to travel that goes to the heart of nature.

Mont-Blanc: A Risky Ascent 52'

This film follows the vertiginous ascent of a group of adventurers who have chosen to climb without a guide.

Montmartre, a village in Paris 60'

Its Sacré-Cœur, its bistros, its cabarets...What has become of Montmartre today?

Planet discovery 156x13', 5', 3'

Through this documentary series, discover a summary of the most beautiful natural landscapes, everywhere on the planet.

The birdwoman's dream 52'

Follow the first woman to fly off the top of the Matterhorn, one of the highest summits in the Alps and in Europe. An unprecedented challenge that technological progress has made possible.

The Great Alps Crossing 4x52'

They are ten, do not know each other and embark on a 620 km trek across the Alps, from Lake Geneva to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

A World of Colours 21x52' 4K - NEW EPS!

How about travelling the world through colors? Embark on a world tour and explore countries’ culture, history, traditions and landscapes through this original prism.

Cuba, Embracing Its Future 2x52' & 110'

Experience the Cuban way of life and meet the men and women who keep it alive. Between claimed heritage and modernity, the Cuban people have created a unique society.

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