Science (92)

ISS: 24/7 On A Space Station 60'

9,700 m2, 400 tons, 16 nations involved: the International Space Station is a unique technological achievement. Through interviews of astronauts and CGI, discover how this exceptional project was made possible.

The Fabulous Story of Poop 4x52'

Whether it is considered trash or treasure, poop is the main focus of this informative documentary series that takes us all around the globe, throughout the ages.

Manimal 5x52' & 5x43'

In the four corners of the world, people live cheek by jowl with wild animals in sometimes astonishing harmony.

Super Spider 52'

Did you know that in just one square meter of any ordinary patch of green in the countryside, there are easily more than one thousand spiders?

The Mystery of the Belugas 52' 4K

Dive into the world of beluga whales and follow a major scientific quest that sheds new light on these fascinating marine mammals - many of which are under threat or even in danger of dying out.

Lab Animal Kingdom 52'

Animals have long been viewed as “tools” to help research scientists in their work. Today, advances have enabled the conception of alternative methods that avoid the recourse to animal experimentation. What are these methods?

The Great Australian Fly 52'

Flies are more than pests : they’re a vital part of a functioning ecosystem and, as science has discovered, there’s much we can learn from them.

Aliens of the Deep Sea 52'

In the depths of our seas lives a monster with 9 brains, 3 hearts, 8 legs and is one of the smartest beings on the planet.

Primates of the Caribbean 52'

500 monkeys have been isolated on a small Caribbean island for 70 years: how did they organize themselves socially?

Secret life underground 2x52'

An extraordinary journey into the largely unexplored underground world, unveiling the secret engine of our planet - a great underground machinery at work.

Curieuse de Nature 18x26’ & 23x13’

Aux côtés de Myriam une biologiste des temps modernes, suivez les traces d'un animal différent dans chaque épisode, et découvrez son territoire et son écosystème.

Beyond Human Limits 3x52'

An exciting series on adventurous scientists who test the limits of their own bodies…

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