Science (92)

Diving with the Coelacanth: The Fish Out of Time 90' & 52’

120 metres down off the wild coast of South Africa lives an animal once thought to have been extinct for 65 million years - the coelacanth, locally known as Gombessa.

From Baby to Kiss 90' & 2x43'

Discover and understand the incredible distance covered by a human being in his first fifteen years of life and the many physical and psychological transformations he or she undertakes.

From Kiss to Baby 90' & 2x43'

Discover how human life begins for real. Thanks to the latest technologies in medical imaging and with the collaboration of the world’s best experts, we will get a clear look at what is often referred to as “the miracle of life”.

Insectmania 4x52'

For many, insects are repulsive, or else the cause of allergies, phobias and stings. But others see insects for the numerous virtues can they bring to mankind.

Party Animals 52'

How do animals react to alcohol? Is it possible for an animal to become alcohol dependent, like humans?

Tank on the Moon 52'

The incredible story of two small remote controlled rovers sent by the Soviets to the moon in the 1970's.

The Frozen Tomb of Mongolia 52'

In the frozen steppes of the Altay, a Franco-Mongolian archeological expedition prepares to excavate the tomb of an Eastern Scythian warrior, 2 300 years old.

Trajectory, Milestones in Space Exploration 13x26'

Revisit the key advances that have marked space exploration, and find out the very latest innovations in space science.

Mammoth Hunters 52'

Russian adventurers looking for mammoth ivory in the frozen Siberia.

Planet Power 40' 4K

Explore the history of electricity, from Benjamin Franklin’s kite to Solar Impulse, the first solar airplane capable of continuous flight.

The Amazon Code 52'

The Pirahã tribe has no words for colours and numbers, nor any fiction, art, or memories of their predecessors! That makes their language one of the strangest in the world.

Destination Pluto: Beyond the Flyby 52'

Join the New Horizons team to examine the latest findings and imagery from Pluto and the fringes of our solar system. They reveal a world unlike any other we’ve seen yet!

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