Science (92)


This documentary investigates the biological and animal origins of infidelity, and notably the genetic predispositions.


Discover the sources of homosexuality. Gay or straight, have we really a choice?

Inside Nature's Eyes 52'

Alongside renowned experts and thanks to the very latest technology, discover how animals see their environment. A scientific documentary that plunges us in a surprising world.

Invisible Nature 3x52'

Using the latest imaging technologies this series reveals the “secret life of plants”.

Life 2000 meters under the sea 52'

On the Earth’s surface, bacteria thrive on higher beings and develop mutually beneficial relationships with them that we call symbioses.

Planet Ice 4x45' & 4x52'

Join a team of experts on spectacular scientific tour of the world’s most outstanding glaciers. They have survived for millennia, but do they have a future? Discover the truth behind the increased water flow on the surface of these giant ice sheets.

Solar Odyssey 52'

Come behind the scenes of two missions: The NASA's Parker Solar Probe and ESA's Solar Orbiter. Their voyage into space will take us closer to the sun than ever, to resolve decades-old questions about the inner workings of our nearest star.

The End of memory? 52'

The volume of digital data generated by modern society is continually increasing. But how can this be stored on less permanent formats like CDs, DVDs, and hard disks? What sort of memory are we going to pass on to future generations?

The Mystery of Atlit-Yam 52'

In 1984, off the coast of Levant, Dr Galili reveals a priceless treasure, burried under the sea since millenia.

The Nano Revolution 3x52'

How will the new science impact people’s lives 30 or 40 years from now?

urine superpowers 52'

Disgusting for most of us, inspiring for some, scientists discover that urine has fabulous curing properties. From China to America and Europe, a global scientific investigation on the many virtues and facets of urine.

Aliens of the Amazon 2x52' & 2x43'

The Membracide insect family is roughly unknown to us. However, these neotropical treehoppers are probably the most astonishing creatures ever concocted by Nature!

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