Science (92)

Space Probes! 2x52' & 6x22'

Take a closer look at space probes - true engineering marvels that have visited nearly every world in our solar system, and revolutionized the understanding of our place in the cosmos.

Space Smash 52' 4K

Today, millions of pieces of junk are whizzing around the planet. Through CGI, this film unveils the methods to collect garbages: from electro-magnetic cables in Japan to gas pulverizing rockets in the US, the war on space waste has been declared!

The Amazing Baby Experience 90'

What is it like to experience the incredible journey that takes place during the baby’s 1st year? Through impressive 3D imagery we will unveil the engrossing upheaval that every child experiences.

The Louvre, Building a Symbol 52'

10 million visitors, 40 000 artworks: no other museum in the world has ever equaled this figure. But the Louvre wasn’t built in a day, so what is its story? From palace to museum, delve into 800 years of the Louvre’s history.

The Pyramids: Solving the Mystery 6x47’

How were the pyramids built? What are the next revelations surrounding their eternal secrets? Thanks to CGI, satellite imagery and cutting-edge aerial archeology, this series decodes the mysteries of their construction.

The Secret History of Our Evolution 2x52' & 90' 4K

Discover the spectacular and surprising history of our organs. From our DNA to our brain through our eyes, this extensive exploration shows us how our body shaped, evolved and adapted through time.

The squatters’ Return 52' 4K

Lice, bedbugs, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, ticks, crab lice, which we believed for a moment we had gotten rid of, once again proliferate. How can we explain this unexpected return of the bloodsuckers?

The Weather: The Race to Forecast 52' & 90'

From Japan to Namibia, aboard the researcher’s boats or aircrafts, or inside the satellites launching stations, embark on the biggest weather study missions currently in progress with additional cutting-edge 3D modeling and graphic sequences.

Top Science Stories 52'

Did you miss any of the most recent scientific breakthroughs? Dinosaurs, exoplanets, solar eclipse, sea level rise and even an 8th continent... Everything you need to know about the discoveries that will shape the world of tomorrow is all here.

Trajectory, Milestones in Space Exploration 13x26'

Revisit the key advances that have marked space exploration, and find out the very latest innovations in space science.

Tsunamis, facing a global threat 52' 4K

Using impressive amateur videos and reconstructions of past disasters, this captivating documentary unveils tsunamis’ complex mechanics in an attempt to predict the future ones.

Zenith, Advances in Space Exploration 13x26'

A revolution in space technology is unfolding: New players are radically cutting the cost of access to space and our understanding of the universe is growing exponentially.

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