Science (81)

2015, the Disaster Diaries 90' 4K

Congratulations! If you are watching this programme you must have survived the many calamities that have struck the Earth in 2015.

Conquerors 4x52'

Four species are responsible for the fastest animal invasions in recent decades, making them the most successful invaders on the planet.

Digits 3x60' 4K

This three-part series explores the History and impact of the Internet: how it works, how it has evolved, the technologies it has spawned, and where it might take us in the next decade.

Planet Sand 5x52'

Desertification is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Discover the most exceptional deserts in the world and meet the people who are working together to curb this phenomenon.

Spaceship Earth 5x45' & 120'

This series tells the story of humanity's discovery, the domination and ruination of our home, the Earth - and the birth of the monumental 21st century effort to save it.

The Science of Hypnosis 52'

Do you really know what hypnosis is? Plunge into the workings of the human brain, and discover the wonderful capabilities of thought.

Touch the Music 52'

Discover the story of Wu Jing, a blind flutist prodigy, and her quest to play in a world- leading symphony orchestra. With a mix of smart technology and utter determination it just may work. Will her dream come true? 

2016, the Disaster Diaries 90' 4K

Has 2016 been the tipping point towards climate and geological chaos?

A New Prehistory 3x52' 4K

Where do insects, birds and mammals come from? Thanks to new technologies and recent discoveries, scientists recreate the missing branches of the tree of life. Like a paleontological investigation, this series brings back these forgotten creatures.

A Volcano Odyssey 52' & 90'

Volcanoes give and take. They partially caused the demise of dinosaurs but also helped the emergence of mammals. To understand the power of volcanoes, this film goes back in time and trace the life of a volcanic hotspot in the Indian Ocean.

Aquarium Megastructure: Nausicaá 52'

Equipped with a main basin as large as four Olympic swimming pools, Nausicaá is Europe’s biggest aquarium. From its architecture to the logistics of bringing in hundreds more species, plunge into an immersive journey into this exceptional project.

Beyond Movement: Our 6th Sense Revealed 52' 4K

The 6th sense has never ceased to be a sort of fantasy. But did you know we really had a sixth sense? Embark on a scientific investigation that sheds light on our little-known sixth sense called proprioception.

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