Science (100)

2015, the Disaster Diaries 52' & 77' 4K

Congratulations! If you are watching this programme you must have survived the many calamities that have struck the Earth in 2015.

2017, The Disaster Diaries 52', 77' & 90' 4K

This documentary looks back at the natural disasters that marked the year 2017.

Animals Like Us 10x52'

This scientific series questions the division that our cultures or religions have tried to establish between man and animal.

Bardarbunga Volcano 52' 4K

The chronicle of the largest European lava flow of the last two centuries.

Brain Overload 52'

Emails, SMS, live threads, blogs, social networks, e-commerce, etc. Does this ceaseless flow of information have an effect on our health ? Has it engendered new diseases ?

Cephalopods, Conquest of the Seas 52' & 90' 4K

Squid, octopus or cuttlefish: these strange soft-bodied animals never cease to surprise us. Through striking footage, this film plunges us as close as possible to tiny, hardly observable species to discover their unique physiology.

Conquerors 4x52'

Four species are responsible for the fastest animal invasions in recent decades, making them the most successful invaders on the planet.

Digits 3x60' 4K

This three-part series explores the History and impact of the Internet: how it works, how it has evolved, the technologies it has spawned, and where it might take us in the next decade.

Naturopolis 4x52'

A new era is here: welcome to Planet City. How can nature play a central role in cities' development, which is both ecological and sustainable, and which allows humans to live in harmony, like in an ecosystem?

Planet Sand 5x52'

Desertification is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Discover the most exceptional deserts in the world and meet the people who are working together to curb this phenomenon.

So human 61'

Follow the preparation of disabled athletes for the Cybathlon.

Spaceship Earth 5x45' & 120'

This series tells the story of humanity's discovery, the domination and ruination of our home, the Earth - and the birth of the monumental 21st century effort to save it.

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