Nature (153)

Corsica: the pearl of the Mediterranean 52', 5x43' & 5x26'

A land of great diversity, the Mediterranean isle of Corsica has more than 1,000 km of stunning coastline made up of capes, cliffs, bays and beaches.

Greece, a Land on Water 4x26'

Greece: a country in motion, made of 15000 kilometers of coast and more than 9000 islands. Meet locals, trying to resist the crisis by rediscovering their real national treasure: the sea.

On the Road to Ushuaïa 12x26'

An invitation to travel to all four corners of the globe in a wonderous discovery of our planet.

Rust Paradise 4x52'

Plunge into a journey across rust cemeteries (trains, boats, planes, tanks) and discover the remains of our industrial civilization. A breathtaking voyage to a spectacular and totally unrevealed world now overtaken by nature.

Siberian Odyssey 52'

The challenge of Nicolas Vanier, that will cross Siberia from east to west, traveling with a sled and his ten sled dogs.

Ushuaïa Nature 36x45'

Ushuaia Nature travels around the world, on journeys to discover people, as well as animal and plant species. These incredible adventures are a way to experience exceptional encounters, sometimes for the first time ever.

Catherine Destivelle, Beyond the Summits 52'

An intimate film that follows Catherine Destivelle, one of the world's best climbers, on three spectacular climbs in the Alps.

Hunting Odyssey 12x26'

A series on the most spectacular hunting trips in the world, from Namibia to Patagonia!

Alone, 180 days on Lake Baikal 52'

In this film, Sylvain Tesson spends six months alone on the Baikal lake completely cut off from the outside world.

Peace Parks: Nelson Mandela's Final Dream 52'

This film reveals one of the last dreams of Nelson Mandela: creating parks in conflict zones between neighboring countries in order to transcend their borders and restore peace.

A Future without Oil 52'

What if the safeguard of nature were worth more than petroleum extraction?

Island of shark attacks (The) 90' & 52'

Ten shark attacks and five dead. For the past three years, the island of La Réunion has been facing a serious problem that is affecting tourism and dividing the population.

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