Nature (153)

Primates of the Caribbean 52'

500 monkeys have been isolated on a small Caribbean island for 70 years: how did they organize themselves socially?

Rounding up Buffalo 52'

In buffalo country, the wild west is still alive, and modern day cowboys are living it to the fullest.

Secret life underground 2x52'

An extraordinary journey into the largely unexplored underground world, unveiling the secret engine of our planet - a great underground machinery at work.

Sex under the Sea 52'

A beautiful marine wildlife documentary with exclusive and rare footage of every type of sexual behaviour under the water.

The Fabulous Story of Canelle the Chimp 52'

Canelle was a six-month-old female chimpanzee when her mother was killed by poachers. She was then taken to a specialist refuge... starting a long apprenticeship until her return to the wild.

The Titans of the Savannah 52'

Tembo and Becky are two rescued elephant orphans. Separated from their parents, they have developped very unusual behaviors.

Reinventing Forests 5x52’

A vivid portrait of unique forests, filled with exceptional flora and fauna - introducing the men and women who have made their forests innovative places where mankind and nature can work together for a better future.

Surviving the Drought 52'

In the south of Tanzania, a terrible and lasting drought is causing a war for water among the animals.

The Lion Queens - Fighting for Survival 52'

Every year in Tanzania, the dry season hits the Ruaha reserve hard. To protect their troupe, lionesses have to invent new hunting strategies, and put up a fierce fight for their survival.

Curieuse de Nature 18x26’ & 23x13’

Aux côtés de Myriam une biologiste des temps modernes, suivez les traces d'un animal différent dans chaque épisode, et découvrez son territoire et son écosystème.

Family on the Road 21x52'

Fred, Laure, Martin and Chine travel around the world to meet people who try to make the world a better place and imagine new solutions to bring people and nature together.

Big Game 13x26'

Follow Shaun and his team of specialists in South Africa as they go about their daily work capturing endangered animals and releasing them in reserves and natural parks.

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