Nature (153)

The Routo, on the Path of Shepherds 52'

Antoine de Baecque, historian but above all a walker dreaming of becoming a shepherd, takes us on the roads of the "routo" that of the transhumant. A journey of 520 km that has never been completely redone for 60 years.

The Secret Life of Lakes 10x52'

Head off to discover magnificent locations and five new lakes hiding the key to understanding the Earth’s mysteries: Chilika in India, Skadar in the Balkans, the Rift Valley Lakes in Tanzania, Saimaa Lake in Finland, and General Carrera in Patagonia.

The Song of the Sperm Whale 52' 4K

Follow an entire family of sperm whales in the heart of the Indian Ocean, and enter their mysterious world. Alongside a team of scientists, this film captures their sophisticated behaviors to understand how these popular leviathans communicate.

Time for Donkeys! 52'

Neglected for a long time, the donkey suffers a bad reputation. But do we really know him? This documentary meets an unusual family of donkeys, breaking the stereotypes about these little-known animals.

Titans of the Deep 52' 4K

Discover the giants of the oceans and the secrets to their survival. How do Whales, Cachalots, Dolphins or Orcas communicate, hunt or even socialize?

Wild horse of the Marshes (The) 52'

In Camargue, a natural jewel among the most authentic in Europe, horses roam freely. We embark to discover the unexpected life of these wild and noble animals.

A Hospital for the King of the Skies 52'

In Dubaï exists a hospital at the cutting edge dedicated to falcons only.

Crocodiles in dark waters 52'

On the banks of the Okavango River, director Luc Marescot is risking his life to dive into crocodiles' secret lair to understand their impact on ecosystem.

Garden Design: When Nature Meets Art 10x26'

Through breathtaking destinations (Brazil, Egypt, China, Japan, Spain etc.), meet the people who have transformed pieces of nature and urban wastelands into truly unique landscape creations.

Green Paradise 28x26' & 28x45'

Discover the most beautiful natural paradises in the world, completely untouched by mass-tourism.

Kittenhood 52'

Three cats, three lives: the first one living in Tokyo, the second one living free on a Mediterranean island, and the last one living in a farm.

Lab Animal Kingdom 52'

Animals have long been viewed as “tools” to help research scientists in their work. Today, advances have enabled the conception of alternative methods that avoid the recourse to animal experimentation. What are these methods?

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