Nature (150)

Shetland's otters, the tale of a Draatsi family 52' 4K

A blue-chip documentary following two young otters from birth to adulthood. Rejected by his mother, the young male must set off, even though he has never been anywhere alone before. Will he make it on his own?

Smart as a Goat 52' 4K

What if goats were just as clever as dogs? Meet four of them, evolving in different environment, and discover this sensitive and clever animal.

Sperm Whales, dealing with the unexpected 52'

Watch the incredible odyssey of sperm whales facing rapid changes in their environment.

Super Spider 52'

Did you know that in just one square meter of any ordinary patch of green in the countryside, there are easily more than one thousand spiders?

Swimming with Legends 2x52’, 70’ (4K) & 104’

The largest underwater creatures have always triggered our imagination. Today, scientists try to go beyond the myths. Next to a record-breaking freediver we decipher their underwater secrets without altering their behaviour.

The Frozen Kingdom of the Snow Leopard 52' 4K

Set in the remote mountains of China and Tibet, this blue-chip documentary follows the perilous existence of a female leopard and her two young, who are less than a year old, in a valley of stunning beauty with a dazzling diversity of wildlife.

The Kill 52' 4K

This blue-chip documentary captures a behavior rarely seen until now: the epic battle between the lionesses and the local giraffe population in Tanzania.

The Last Giraffe 52' 4K

Kenya, 2050: the last giraffe just died. Travel through time and follow the footsteps of Twiga, one of the last baby giraffes.

The Last Refuge 52' 4K

A wildlife documentary that reveals the survival strategies developed by the animals of the Savannah. To tackle the drought and the lack of food, they have to share the same territory, on the banks of the Ruaha river.

The Mystery of the Belugas 52' 4K

Dive into the world of beluga whales and follow a major scientific quest that sheds new light on these fascinating marine mammals - many of which are under threat or even in danger of dying out.

The Routo, on the Path of Shepherds 52'

Antoine de Baecque, historian but above all a walker dreaming of becoming a shepherd, takes us on the roads of the "routo" that of the transhumant. A journey of 520 km that has never been completely redone for 60 years.

The Secret Life of Lakes 10x52'

Head off to discover magnificent locations and five new lakes hiding the key to understanding the Earth’s mysteries: Chilika in India, Skadar in the Balkans, the Rift Valley Lakes in Tanzania, Saimaa Lake in Finland, and General Carrera in Patagonia.

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