Nature (153)

Lioness in Exile 52'

The dangerous odyssey of Manyari, Queen of her pride, who is forced to take huge risks by leaving her clan to protect her young cubs. Out in the wilderness, alone and badly injured, she so nearly pays the ultimate price. Will she succeed?

Manimal 5x52' & 5x43'

In the four corners of the world, people live cheek by jowl with wild animals in sometimes astonishing harmony.

Marine Mammals: Champions of the Deep 52' 4K

Discover how marine mammals can survive deep underwater, far deeper than scientists have ever imagined. Thanks to new technologies, this film highlights the physiological adaptations that allow these ocean dwelling giants to dive so deep.

Nature's Superdads 52'

Anyone who still thinks that in the wild, mothers are the only ones who take care of their young, is in for an eye-opening experience! Feathered, furry or scaled, every family of beast has its own superdads!

Ocean Super Predators 52' 4K

From the humpback whale in Alaska’s Glacier Bay to the Patagonian orcas, and Namibian hyenas, this blue-chip wildlife documentary brings us previously unseen perspectives of the genius behind these great deep-sea hunters.

Of Forests and Men 6x52’

Plunge into the microcosm of Europe’s most emblematic forests and discover the beauty of an untamed environment as the seasons come and go.

Once Upon a Cow 52'

When we think about our most intelligent friends in the animal kingdom, dairy cows probably don’t make the list. However, they are way more intelligent than we probably thought! Discover the story of three cows evolving in different environments.

Patagonia Park, a Journey into the Wild 52'

Embark on a journey to Chile and discover a unique park. Alongside those who created this haven of peace, we observe endangered species that have been reintroduced into their original habitat. A breathtaking voyage into a unique natural heritage.

Penguin Baywatch 52'

During the breeding season, millions of animals have to live together on the sub-Antarctic islands and share the ocean, the only source of food around.

Penguin Baywatch Antarctica 52'

Discover the daily life of penguins in Antarctica, surrounded by their summer co-habitants, sea lions, leopard seals and giant petrels.

Pet Emergencies, 24H Inside a Vet Clinic 52'

Plunge into the daily life of a veterinary clinic as seen through animals’ eyes. From the waiting room to the surgery, this film offers a surprising and moving experience.

Rivers and Men 52'

Our rivers are in danger, yet they have great ecological and economic potential just waiting to be developed. Many heroes of everyday have taken on challenges to participate in their rescue.

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