Nature (153)

Cougar: On the Trail of the Ghost Cat 52' 4K

In the heart of France, a deadly beast appeared 250 years ago. Since 5 years, a rumor runs: the ghost of Gévaudan is back. The photographer Bruno Loisel follows the predator in its footsteps, to prove that it is, in fact, a Cougar of America.

Face to face with the polar bear 52'

Follow the incredible destiny of a polar bear family, struggling to survive in a changing environment.

Fighting For The Cuban Crocodile 52'

The Cuban crocodile is an endemic species now endangered. Meet the people struggling to save these reptiles and discover an animal that has become the symbol of an island that will do anything to preserve its identity and freedom. 

Flying Without Borders 52'

From Estonia to Ethiopia, crossing through Ukraine, Turkey and Israel, follow a young Eurasian crane on its 6000-kilometer-journey till its winter resting site.

For Dog’s Sake 52'

Following the steps of a dog, from its abandonment to its adoption by a new family, this moving documentary explores the millenary and unique bond existing between dogs and humans.

Genius Sea Hunters 4x52’ 4K

From the humpback whale in Alaska’s Glacier Bay to the Patagonian orcas landing on the beach, discover the most spectacular hunting strategies of marine animals decoded.

Giant Sea Serpent, meet the Myth 52' 4K

Deep under the sea lives the largest bony fish in the world: The Giant Oarfish, who inspired the myth of the sea serpent. With the help of scientific experts, this film reveals the biology of this enigmatic ambassador of the abyss.

Grey Seals, A Journey of Survival 52' 4K

Known for their good nature, grey seals have been recently seen attacking porpoises and even eating their young. This film shows how they have weirdly adapted to their changing environment.

Hidden Treasures of Oceania: Papua New Guinea 52'

Discover a country of a thousand cultures, through three moving stories: a scientist who explores the canopy from his balloon, a man who tries to help his village out of isolation, and the symbolic rite of two boys passing through adulthood.

Ibera Park, rewilding Argentina 52'

Take part in the large-scale rewilding project of Ibera Park, Argentina’s greatest fresh water resource. A unique ecosystem with 4,000 plant and animal species, which account for almost one third of the biodiversity of the country.

Killer Whale 52'

Follow the adventures of a young killer whale, a species closely followed by divers for the first time in this never-before-seen footage.

Lion Dynasty, a matter of pride 52’

The unique saga of a lion pride, filmed over 10 years, fighting to maintain its dynasty.

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