Nature (162)

Biodiversity in the making 52'

The unprecedented exploration of one of the world's richest botanical collections.

Conflicts of Nature 4x52'

A documentary series that explores the form that conflict takes in nature.

Humanima 31x26'

This series explores the world of men and women who have forged a unique bond with wildlife and nature.

Ibex, wild goat of the alps 52'

Embark on a journey across the peaks of the Alps and share the dizzying life of this wild goat who has become the symbol of protected areas.

Keepers of the Forest 14x26'

The portrait of people who have dedicated their lives to protect endangered species and their environment.

Leopard Seals, Lords of the Ice 52'

Discover an still little-known predator, a seal that looks like an ogre: the leopard seal.

Pig Tales 52'

Meet 5 little pigs from birth to adulthood, evolving in very contrasted environments. Discover their relationship with Humans and explore the wild through their eyes.

Preserving the Rhone, a river of life 52'

A journey from the source to the mouth of the Rhone River, to meet passionate men and women who work to preserve and to restore it.

River Jaws 52' 4K

How has the catfish progressively colonized all rivers without eliminating any other species? Shot over 3 years, thanks to state of the art digital technology, this film deciphers the secrets of these legendary fish.

Sahara's Secret Garden 52'

Prehistoric crocodiles trapped in a mountain massif in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Salamander: made to adapt 52'

The salamander, a discreet and highly symbolic amphibian, has fascinated mankind since ancient times. But who really is this animal and how does it live with us? Welcome to its world.

What happened to the swallows? 120'

A documentary about the people who are inventing the France of tomorrow and trying to save our ecosystem.

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