Nature (140)

Be a Predator 2x52'

This animal series takes the viewer into the intimacy of predators and their senses.

Conflicts of Nature 4x52'

A documentary series that explores the form that conflict takes in nature.

Fur seals, the dark side 52'

This documentary drops the mask of the clown, and reveals an incredible and mysterious predator.

Ibex, wild goat of the alps 52'

On the peaks of the Alps, wildlife has adapted to survive in extreme environments. The Alpine ibex roams freely through these peaks and has become the symbol of these large protected areas.

Leopard Seals, Lords of the Ice 43'

Discover an still little-known predator, a seal that looks like an ogre: the leopard seal.

Man among Orgas 52'

Join David Reichert in the intimacy of elephant seals and killer whales.

Sahara's Secret Garden 52'

Prehistoric crocodiles trapped in a mountain massif in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Sharks, Scavengers of the Sea 52'

Discover New Caledonia's shark paradise.

The Grieving Dolphin 52'

Social assistance among dolphins is still little known, but is an exemplary scientific fable.

What happened to the swallows? 120'

A documentary about the people who are inventing the France of tomorrow and trying to save our ecosystem.

Wild Brittany 52'

By following the first wing-beat of a young herring gull, the long epic of an Atlantic salmon and the unbridled quest for food of a hedgehog, it’s all the rich, natural heritage of a wild Brittany that is revealed.

A Cat And Mouse Game 52'

To eat or be eaten? Such is the dangerous relationship between a predator and his prey that governs the animal kingdom and decides the fate of each and every one. Explore the relationship between cat and mouse and discover their intriguing behavior.

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