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Ibex, wild goat of the alps 52'

On the peaks of the Alps, wildlife has adapted to survive in extreme environments. The Alpine ibex roams freely through these peaks and has become the symbol of these large protected areas.

Sahara's Secret Garden 52'

Prehistoric crocodiles trapped in a mountain massif in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Wild Brittany 52'

By following the first wing-beat of a young herring gull, the long epic of an Atlantic salmon and the unbridled quest for food of a hedgehog, it’s all the rich, natural heritage of a wild Brittany that is revealed.

A Cat And Mouse Game 52'

To eat or be eaten? Such is the dangerous relationship between a predator and his prey that governs the animal kingdom and decides the fate of each and every one. Explore the relationship between cat and mouse and discover their intriguing behavior.

A World of Scents 5x52’

Plunge into the sensorial world of fragrant plants and meet those who struggle to preserve them. From New-Caledonia to Venezuela through the South of France and the Comoro Islands, embark on a journey between artisanal craft and perfume creation.

Animal Builders 52' 4K

Humanity’s history has been full of great architects. However, what is less well known is that animals are also very talented! Embark on a surprising journey along with bowerbirds, ants, beavers and chimpanzees and discover their secret skills.

Animals at Night 52'

Are all cats grey in the dark? Not really! Tracking the escapades of animals in the darkness, catch a glimpse of an unimagined world that the very latest technology brings into light.

Beach Jackals 45' 4K

Forced to flee to the Namibian Coast, some black-backed jackals have adapted to a new lifestyle. To catch new coastal preys, they need to communicate together and even collaborate - a behavior rarely seen amongst these canids.

Chicken Planet 52' 4K

The love story between chickens and men has lasted for over 10000 years. How has this humble forest animal managed to conquer all territories and become the most abundant and diversified feathered species on our planet? Enter the chickens’ world!

Cougar: On the Trail of the Ghost Cat 52' 4K

In the heart of France, a deadly beast appeared 250 years ago. Since 5 years, a rumor runs: the ghost of Gévaudan is back. The photographer Bruno Loisel follows the predator in its footsteps, to prove that it is, in fact, a Cougar of America.

Fighting For The Cuban Crocodile 52'

The Cuban crocodile is an endemic species now endangered. Meet the people struggling to save these reptiles and discover an animal that has become the symbol of an island that will do anything to preserve its identity and freedom. 

Flying Without Borders 52'

From Estonia to Ethiopia, crossing through Ukraine, Turkey and Israel, follow a young Eurasian crane on its 6000-kilometer-journey till its winter resting site.

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