Nature (115)

For Dog’s Sake 52'

Following the steps of a dog, from its abandonment to its adoption by a new family, this moving documentary explores the millenary and unique bond existing between dogs and humans.

Sahara's Secret Garden 52'

Prehistoric crocodiles trapped in a mountain massif in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Wild Brittany 52'

By following the first wing-beat of a young herring gull, the long epic of an Atlantic salmon and the unbridled quest for food of a hedgehog, it’s all the rich, natural heritage of a wild Brittany that is revealed.

A Cat And Mouse Game 52'

Explore the unique relationship between cat and mouse and discover their intriguing behavior.

A World of Scents 5x52’

Plunge into the sensorial world of fragrant plants and meet those who struggle to preserve them. From New-Caledonia to Venezuela through the South of France and the Comoro Islands, embark on a journey between artisanal craft and perfume creation.

Animals at Night 52'

Are all cats grey in the dark? Not really! Tracking the escapades of animals in the darkness, catch a glimpse of an unimagined world that the very latest technology brings into light.

Crafty as a Goat 52' 4K

What if goats were just as clever as dogs? Meet four of them, evolving in different environment, and discover this sensitive and clever animal.

Fighting For The Cuban Crocodile 52'

The Cuban crocodile is an endemic species now endangered. Meet the people struggling to save these reptiles and discover an animal that has become the symbol of an island that will do anything to preserve its identity and freedom. 

Hidden Treasures of Oceania: Papua New Guinea 52'

Discover a country of a thousand cultures, through three moving stories: a scientist who explores the canopy from his balloon, a man who tries to help his village out of isolation, and the symbolic rite of two boys passing through adulthood.

Manimal 5x52' & 5x43'

In the four corners of the world, people live cheek by jowl with wild animals in sometimes astonishing harmony.

Nature's Superdads 52'

Anyone who still thinks that in the wild, mothers are the only ones who take care of their young, is in for an eye-opening experience! Feathered, furry or scaled, every family of beast has its own superdads

Of Forests and Men 6x52’

Plunge into the microcosm of Europe’s most emblematic forests and discover the beauty of an untamed environment as the seasons come and go.

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