An Ocean of Life 100x1’30’'

Dive deep into the ocean to meet its creatures: from the calm starfish to majestic whales, from tiny cleaner shrimps to big groupers.

Aniland 52x5'

An entertaining wildlife series on the social life of animals for the entire family.

Animal Tales 26x5'

Animal Tales tells the incredible daily adventures of animals we think we know so well.

Around the World with Tippi 6x26'

Follow Tippi around the world, and discover amazing animals through her 12-year-old eyes!

Lina's World 10x3'30 2D

A lively animated series that questions the stereotypes linked to religion and brings reflection on its place in today’s society through the eyes of a cheeky little girl.

Little Man 31x5'

In some parts of the world, children need to grow up a lot faster than our kids do. Discover the accomplishment of their destiny: to become adults!

Once upon a Time 20x4'

A collection of short stories filmed around the world on men and their extraordinary adventures in nature.

Hobbies 16x12'

Alain, Laurine, Adrienne and Mitch have all something in common : they live out their passion and dreams. Be they quirky, marginal or thrill-seekers, these enthusiasts offer, in this series, a sensitive and moving testimony.

Zoom Out 10x3' 4K

In a unique sequence entirely shot with drone, each episode starts from the ground, and then gradually rises up to 500 meters high, to reveal, in a spectacular way, an aerial view of our impact on the environment.

Music On The Road 10x7'

Embark on a roadtrip through the USA and meet a new generation of musicians reinventing music genres and searching for new sounds. From NYC to Orleans via Chicago and the Far West, this series takes you to the side alleys of American culture.

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