Investigation & Politics (82)

Do animals have rights? 52'

Animals’ status remains a controversial subject. Meet the scientists, activists, legal experts as well as lobbyists who debate the questions it raises. A captivating investigation which reframes the terms of a cross-border issue.

Invisible revolutions 52' & 90'

High speed and immediacy have become the norm, but some have decided to slow down this movement to avoid an ecological, economic and social catastrophe.

Mission Invisible 52'

A secret military mission aboard the largest Russian nuclear submarine able to destroying a land in half an hour!

Inside Toulon Arsenal, Bastion of the Mediterranean 52'

Immersion in the "jewel of the Mediterranean". Toulon is now sheltering the largest naval base in France which hosts the flagship fleet of the French Navy. An unknown heritage highlighted in this documentary.

GreenPeace, the Story 52'

The incredible saga of the most famous international NGO from 1971 – date of its creation - to today.

Rise of the Gulf (The) 2x52' & 52'

Thanks to rare archive material and exclusive interviews, discover the story of the metamorphosis of the Gulf’s top cities - Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha -, from the pearl era to black gold and beyond.

Project 949 52'

Thanks to previously unpublished and spectacular archives, the film traces the secret history of Project 949, and the odyssey of its finest ship.

The vaccine according to Bill Gates 52'

To combat the devastating toll of malaria, a scientific race against the clock is engaged. Developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with GSK, the RTS,S is the first vaccine on the market.

Toilet, A New Era 52' 4K

While 4.2 billion people live without safely-managed sanitation, scientists around the world are working to overturn these systemic inequalities, and solve this health, environmental and economic issue.

Mammoth Hunters 52'

Russian adventurers looking for mammoth ivory in the frozen Siberia.

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