Investigation & Politics (82)

Looking for Nicolas Sarkozy 52'

The juicy political chronicles of Nicolas Sarkozy's reign as seen by the international media.

Medicine Under Influence 52'

The Merck pharmaceutical group has been hit by three major health scandals over the past 15 years in the US and Europe. This investigation will question the involvement of public services and reveal how drugs are really put on the market.

Philippines' Children of Shame 52'

With some 400,000 prostitutes, the Philippines have become one of the leading destinations in Southeast Asia for sex tourists. The children born as a result of these unequal relationships bear the stigma of shame.

What Women Want at Work 52'

Meet those who do things differently: companies and public administrations where women are recognized and rewarded at their true value, in more egalitarian and happier work environments.

Happiness at work 52' & 90'

Many workers consult their doctors about work-related stress. Nowadays, this is a major problem for society. But what if the solution lies in the structure of the company itself?

Ma vie zéro déchet 66'

"Ma vie zéro déchet" is a filmed experience and web adventure that tells the quest for a life without waste.

Mines of hell (the) 52'

For the first time ever, a camera has managed to film in the mining areas of the Katanga province.

The Damned 66'

Slaughterhouse workers deliver poignant testimonies about what it is like to work in this "world apart", and tell us about their struggles.

An American Affair: Trump & the FBI 52' & 75'

Using privileged access to FBI officials, this film explores Trump’s secret ties to the Bureau and the Mafia.

Hillary Clinton - A Woman on the Edge 52'

She knows that politics is a battle. Resolute in the face of scandals and rumours, Hillary Clinton is more than ever the lone woman in the ring – a marked woman.

Segregation is Back 52'

Selma, Alabama, is emblematic of a new social reality in America: the return of segregation between black and white people. This documentary takes us to the heart of this divided America, following the daily lives of high-school kids.

Tibetan El Dorado 52'

The incredible story of the little caterpillar worth more than gold!

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