Investigation & Politics (65)

Island of shark attacks (The) 90' & 52'

Ten shark attacks and five dead. For the past three years, the island of La Réunion has been facing a serious problem that is affecting tourism and dividing the population.

Narco Finance 2x52'

How can governments, notably Mexico, fight drug trafficking and money laundering without endangering the spheres of finance and economy?

Sad people factory (The) 52' & 80'

A worldwide investigation into the global nature and epidemic scope of depression, shown from a societal point of view that challenges the individual notion of depression.

The End of Bank Secrecy: How the US brought Switzerland down 52'

In 2008, the Swiss bank UBS is caught red-handed for tax fraud by the USA. How this country finally ended with its so precious bank secrecy?

The Toxic Sweets 52'

Nostalgia for childhood or an anti-depression remedy, the French consume nearly 7 kilos of sweets every second. It's good for the French economy, but what about our health?

Vino Business 52' & 85'

A journey into the secret world of wine, a pitiless world of rivalries, intrigue and back-stabbings. If oil is black gold, wine is the red gold of today.

Braddock America 101'

Although Braddock, the last bastion of steel, has lost its previous luster, its community continues to come together and try to shape the future.

Gold Commandos 52'

Follow a military operation that leads to the dismantlement of the largest illegal gold mining site of the Amazon.

Looking for Nicolas Sarkozy 52'

The juicy political chronicles of Nicolas Sarkozy's reign as seen by the international media.

Medicine Under Influence 52'

The Merck pharmaceutical group has been hit by three major health scandals over the past 15 years in the US and Europe. This investigation will question the involvement of public services and reveal how drugs are really put on the market.

Philippines' Children of Shame 52'

With some 400,000 prostitutes, the Philippines have become one of the leading destinations in Southeast Asia for sex tourists. The children born as a result of these unequal relationships bear the stigma of shame.

What Women Want at Work 52'

Meet those who do things differently: companies and public administrations where women are recognized and rewarded at their true value, in more egalitarian and happier work environments.

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