Investigation & Politics (65)

Marijuana Business 52'

An immersion into the heart of the USA to discover one of the fastest growing industries in the country: marijuana business. How did this plant go from illegal drug to a medicinal use?

November 13th - Life After Chaos 65'

They survived the horror, and try to rebuild their lives... Through the testimonies of five people who survived the attacks of November 13, this film tells the hopes for the future, and how life always wins.

The Ordinary Heroes 52' 4K

How can someone act bravely instead of running away when faced with dangerous situations? Alongside a psychologist and neuroscientist, meet these men and women and discover what allows them to switch from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosn 52' & 74'

From the brilliant engineer to the fearsome "cost killer", former Renault-Nissan CEO tells his journey from childhood to his arrest in 2019.

Trump: Anatomy of a Man 52' & 90'

Who really is Donald Trump? By exploring his personal history, the workings of his personality, the flaws and weaknesses he hides but also his qualities, this documentary provides a unique portrait of this man to understand how he got there.

You'll be straight 52' & 70'

Through the powerful testimony of victims and the voice of activists from California to Alabama, a gripping immersion into conversion therapies, which have divided the American society.

A Future without Oil 52'

What if the safeguard of nature were worth more than petroleum extraction?

Barack Obama: Great Expectations 2x52'

A balanced and well-documented assessment of Barack Obama’s first term, behind the scenes.

Charisma in politics 52' & 90'

With help from the latest and best imaging technologies, top experts in communication dissect the body language of leaders such as G.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy or Angela Merkel.

Commodity Traders 52'

An exclusive in-depth investigation into the wild and secret world of commodity traders.

FEMEN, Women Warriors 52'

Who really are the FEMEN women activists? Well known for using their body as “weapons” of communication, they are not ready to give up their combat against women’s oppression, even if it means prison, exile, or putting their lives in danger.

Hooked on Food 52'

In this documentary, we will go behind the scenes and discover the new strategies of the agribusiness giants.

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