Investigation & Politics (82)

Manger plus pour se nourrir moins 52'

Today, even if we eat one's fill, we all suffer from a lack of vitamins and micronutrients. In fact, over the past fifty years, food has lost up to 75% of its nutritional value!

Miscellaneous Facts 26x52'

"A miscellaneous facts is what can happen tomorrow to anyone". This series highlights these bloody dramas, often heralding social change.

Narcissistic Perverts, the Invisible Violence 70'

This film is the story of the psychological hold, verbal and moral violence that men and women have experienced over the years.

Peace Parks: Nelson Mandela's Final Dream 52'

This film reveals one of the last dreams of Nelson Mandela: creating parks in conflict zones between neighboring countries in order to transcend their borders and restore peace.

Revenge 5x12'

Through an organization created to help the victims of "Revenge Porn", discover their daily life and struggle.

Shell shock 52'

A dive into the heart of the system recently put in place by the Army to treat the soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress.

The astonishing doc! 7x52’

Strong themes that resonate and build bridges between yesterday and today. Films that mix astonishing sequences, unpublished archives, secret images, and funny interviews with great figures of our time.

The Interpol Case 52’ & 90’

Can one of the regulatory authorities of our states be financed by private funds? This captivating investigation lifts the lid on one of the most secretive organization’s funding.

The World according to Modi: The new Strength of India 54' & 79'

Through the portrait of this political juggernaut, comprising interviews with his political opponents, supporters and international experts, this investigation tells the rise of India’s new leader who has changed the face of his country.

To become a teacher 70'

For one year, this documentary followed four trainee teachers in the Créteil academy and portrays their initiatives, their doubts and their frustrations.

Vacances sur internet : petits prix mais grand bazar ! 52'

Pour 90 % des Français, les vacances commencent devant l'ordinateur. Car sur Internet, tout est possible : acheter des billets d'avion, réserver des chambres d'hôtel, comparer les offres et les séjours.

Venice: Holding Back the Tide 52'

An investigation about mass tourism and its consequences on one of the most visited places in the world.

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