Investigation & Politics (65)

An American Affair: Trump & the FBI 52' & 86'

This exclusive investigation explores Trump’s secret ties to the FBI and the Mafia, using privileged access to FBI officials.

Another Way 4x52'

In a world that is losing its bearings, men and women have chosen to leave everything behind. In every aspect of their life, freedom and autonomy have become the key words.

Bad News for the Media! 52' & 70'

Fake news, "infobesity", media mistrust...: Today, 60% of people don’t trust the media anymore. The press is in a bad shape and people are sick of hearing the daily news. Can we reinvent journalism?

Cities Under Threat 4x45'

How can Tokyo survive sitting on some of the most seismically active rocks on the planet? How do engineers try to protect NYC from what created it: water? Discover the technological innovations developed to save cities from disappearing.

Diary of an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) 75'

I am 40 years old, and my partner Rodolphe is 42. We had been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. After many months, we meet Professor René Frydman. Rodolphe decided to film our journey with his mobile phone, where no other camera had been before.

Embargo, Iran and the Sanctions 52'

Delve into 40 years of the history of the U.S. sanctions on Iran, from its inception to the present day, to understand how we got there.

Football player and gay: at the heart of the taboo 52'

The story of the first French football player to have come out.

French Villages 52'

Comment les villes et les villages obtiennent-ils un label, et à quel prix ? "Villages de France : Labels et Tais-Toi !", revient sur ces appellations devenues un gage d’affluence touristique et un enjeu économique incontournable.

Holy Diplomacy: the secret power of the Vatican 52'

Is the Vatican the world’s best Foreign Intelligence Agency? This geopolitical investigation takes us behind the scenes of the secret, hushed world of the Holy See diplomacy.

Homo Touristicus 90' & 52'

Like a wildlife documentary, « Homo Touristicus » looks at the history, development and workings of the world’s leading industry: Tourism.

Manufacturing Ignorance 52' & 90'

An in-depth and gripping investigation on the science of doubt, to expose the strategies put in place by the "doubt makers" in order to confuse the public debate and paralyze political decision-making.

Marijuana Business 52'

An immersion into the heart of the USA to discover one of the fastest growing industries in the country: marijuana business. How did this plant go from illegal drug to a medicinal use?

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