Investigation & Politics (83)


Beyond clichés and prejudices, this series takes us to three different destinations to meet a new rising generation determined to face the environmental and social challenges, and invent the world of tomorrow.

Abused children, a silence to break 52'

Meet the people who have made the fight against child abuse a daily struggle.

Allo, police secours 52'

Testimonies from police officers who take emergency calls and determine whether to send a response team to the incident.

Cape Town: Facing Day Zero 52'

What happens when we run out of water? Residents of Cape Town depict a revealing portrait of a city facing scarcity, while drawing needed lessons to counter a more global issue.

Cour d'honneur 52'

Through a series of portraits of men and women, this film witnesses the journey within an institution not known for its "gayfriendly" attitude and which is nowadays set to evolve.

Dans la tête d'un flic 52'

Seven police officers step out of their duty of confidentiality to talk about their daily lives, their expectations and their fears. A fascinating documentary on a rare and unfiltered voice, without angelism or prejudice.

Eating for a better health 52'

For decades, industrial food has invaded our plates and transformed our behaviour, with harmful effects on our health: however, solutions exist.

Ecovillages, a daily revolution 52'

They decided to move to an ecovillage to get closer to nature and to themselves. An initiatory journey to the heart of these green communities, to experience a sustainable and new lifestyle.

Enough with the mental load! 52'

What is mental load? Why do 80% of women say they carry it? Between emotion, bitterness and humour, families testify to their ability and inability to juggle work, spouse and domestic tasks.

Femicides 95’

From first meeting to murder, this film follows a year-long investigation on five emblematic cases of femicide, to reveal a recurrent criminal pattern.

Gaming, the Digital Revolution 52' & 80'

In just one generation, video games have become the 21st century’s dominant cultural industry, giving rise to "Homo Ludicus". An investigation about a business that directly influences cultural trends all over the world.

Homo Touristicus 90' & 52'

Like a wildlife documentary, « Homo Touristicus » looks at the history, development and workings of the world’s leading industry: Tourism.

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