Investigation & Politics (65)

Cape Town: Facing Day Zero 52'

What happens when a major metropolitan area runs out of water? Residents of Cape Town depict a deeply revealing portrait of a city struggling to adapt to scarcity, while drawing needed lessons to counter a much more global issue.

Enough with the mental load! 52'

What is mental load? Why do 80% of women say they carry it? Between emotion, bitterness and humour, families testify to their ability and inability to juggle work, spouse and domestic tasks.

Gaming, the Digital Revolution 52' & 80'

In just one generation, video games have become the 21st century’s dominant cultural industry, giving rise to "Homo Ludicus". An investigation about a business that directly influences cultural trends all over the world.

Kabul Cinema 52'

What is it like to shoot a film in Kabul today? Follow day by day the adventures of the film crew and revisit the amazing story of the Cinema Aryub - once Afghanistan’s largest and most beautiful theatre.

Last Days in Shibati 60’

In the vast city of Chongqing, the last of the old districts is due to be demolished. Through the eyes of three people who have always lived there, discover the moving testimony of a disappearing world.

Narcissistic Perverts, the Invisible Violence 70'

This film is the story of the psychological hold, verbal and moral violence that men and women have experienced over the years.

Paradise without people 75'

During the height of Europe’s refugee crisis, follow the year-long poignant journey of two Syrian mothers dreaming to raise their newborn away from war.

Peace Parks: Nelson Mandela's Final Dream 52'

This film reveals one of the last dreams of Nelson Mandela: creating parks in conflict zones between neighboring countries in order to transcend their borders and restore peace.

The Damned 66'

Slaughterhouse workers deliver poignant testimonies about what it is like to work in this "world apart", and tell us about their struggles.

The Interpol Case 52’ & 90’

Can one of the regulatory authorities of our states be financed by private funds? This captivating investigation lifts the lid on one of the most secretive organization’s funding.

Vacances sur internet : petits prix mais grand bazar ! 52'

Pour 90 % des Français, les vacances commencent devant l'ordinateur. Car sur Internet, tout est possible : acheter des billets d'avion, réserver des chambres d'hôtel, comparer les offres et les séjours.

Venice: Holding Back the Tide 52'

An investigation about mass tourism and its consequences on one of the most visited places in the world.

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