Human Stories (88)

The Soul of the Mongolian Horseman 52'

Four city children learn the Morin Khuur from Omba, a wise old musician living in the Mongolian steppes.

The Young Girl and the Monkey 52'

Koun, a survivor of the Khmer Rouge tragedy, trains youngsters to become Royal Ballet dancers.

This Way of Life 52' & 85'

A film about a family. Mum, dad, six kids and 50 wild horses, a beach, a mountain and a burnt down house.

To Play Kutiyattam with the Master 52'

Vipin is 15 years old. He is a student at the Kalamandalam School, where performing arts are taught.

Tracking the white Reindeer 52'

In Mongolia, Quizilol must show he is capable of raising a herd of reindeer by himself to become a man!

Tribal Animals 6x52'

Most spectacular ritual, ceremonies and combats between men and animals.

Tulla: The Singing Wells 52'

In the South of Ethiopia, in one of the driest inhabited regions in the world, a unique traditional water management system has been installed.

Tumba Francesa (The) 52'

In Cuba, Sulaidy learns an old French dance that her ancestors have kept alive from the time they were slaves.

Urgan, Child of the Himalaya 52'

Urgan is 9 years old and lives in a small Himalayan village. His destiny is to become a monk.

Wizards of Wood 52'

Jean-Marie teaches his sons the incredible wood crafting abilities of the Zafimaniry people.

Inuk 90'

Inuk, 16, lives in the capital of Greenland and is sent, against his will, to a children's home in the far north of Uummannaq. Far from his friends, far from his mother, far from his marks, he must (re)learn to live.

Iran: Teaching Among the Nomads 52'

In the Zagros Mountains, a teacher accompanies a nomadic family on their transhumance. For three weeks, he walks with them and gives the children lessons. A poetic look at this little-known people and their lifestyle, which is doomed to disappear.

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