Human Stories (88)

Sea Legends 13x26'

A series on the most extraordinary adventures between men and animals all around the world.

Taiga 52'

Hamid Sardar’s breathtaking documentary provides an intimate glimpse into the world of Mongolian sheepherders, who must battle the twin predations of wolves and mining interests in the delicate ecosystem of the steppe.

Tewet, the last keeper of borneo 52'

In Borneo, the confusion of a hunter swallows' nests facing the disaster of the forest and the end of swallows. But well hidden away in some caves, Tewet protect another treasure that could help the community.

The Baaka Opera 52'

The Baaka Pygmies are like elves. They live in the forest, hidden under the cover of leaves. They hunt using nets and gather wild honey at dizzying heights.

The Celestial Dance of Bhutan 52'

The mask dance is a sacred dance performed in Bhutan. Each year, the monks of the Drametse monastery practice for the festival.

The Great Desert Turf 52'

In Niger, camel racing is a very popular and men bet on the best racing camels.

The Horseman of Mount Everest 52'

The beautiful story of a little sherpa who has benefited from the trekking and tourism business in Nepal.

The Last Bedu of Petra & Wadi Rum 52'

Abu Lafi is an old Bedouin from Petra. He comes from the Bdoul community, and is from one of the last families to live in a cave inside the archeological site of Petra.

The Magical Mountain of Tibet 52'

In the heart of the Himalayas, the Mount Kailash is a unique place that is considered sacred by both Hinduists and Buddhists. Two explorers, will take us on their journey.

The Nomadic Night 52' & 85'

Tundup and his family will have to decide: will they abandon their lands and leave for the city as so many others have done before them, or stay in Karnak. Where will they be happiest?

The Quest for the Gongs 52'

In the mountains of the southeast Vietnam, Ma Bio will take a long journey to find elements missing from her heritage, the culture of the Gongs.

The schoolgirl of the Sichuan Mountains 52'

In the South China, in the Sichuan mountains, 13 year-old Erchema must choose between continuing her school education or supporting her family.

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