Human Stories (88)

Messengers of Sulawesi 52'

The portrait of a family from Indonesia whose daughter is a varanus, a sacred reptile.

Mundiya Kepanga, the Voice of the Forest 52' & 90'

To alert the world to the dangers of deforestation, Mundiya Kepanga, a Papuan chief, invites us to discover the forest from the inside. A compelling journey that gives us a new way to look at the planet.

Omo Circus 52'

In answer to the tourists’ demands, the Omo peoples don’t hesitate to do the show and to pile on the colorful or garish touches to amuse their audience. Such is the rich comedy of dupes which now plays itself out in the Omo.

Orphans of Tibet 43'

Each year, groups of Tibetan children secretly flee their homeland over the Himalayas to reach schools in India founded by the government in exile.

Overseas Legends 13x26'

A series on the most extraordinary adventures between men and animals all around the world.

People of the World 18x26' & 36x13'

Learn about the most fascinating and yet unknown peoples in the world.

Prisoners of the Afghan Pamir 52'

The life of the last Kyrgyz nomads of the Afghan Pamir.

Red Skin 52'

In northern Amazonia, the Wajapi have a long history of producing and using vegetable dyes to adorn their bodies with geometric motifs and symbols.

Reindeer People 52'

In the north of Mongolia, Dukha nomads travel on the backs of reindeer through the spirit dwelling forests.

Reindeer Police 52'

In Lapland, a special police force has been created to regulate conflicts among breeders.

Roof of the world 5x46'

"Roof of the World" is a moving testimony of Himalayan people’s life. Through this documentary you will discover tremendous and breath-taking mountains landscape and also what it means to live on the Roof of the World.

Samucha, The last journey of a shepherd 52'

A beautiful story of transmission in the breathtaking landscapes of the Caucasus.

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