Human Stories (88)

Chinbayar, a Young Shaman's Quest Across Mongolia 52'

A young Mongolian shaman goes on an initiatory journey to solve a dilemma he is facing: will he support his father or follow the traditions of his culture?

Connecting Traditions 12x52'

How do people pass on their knowledge to protect and safeguard their culture and identity from generation to generation?

Donkey Island 52'

A small island with 24,000 people, 6,000 donkeys, and just 2 cars.

Facing the Giants Bees 52'

In Nepal honey-hunters risk their lives on top of 100 meter towering cliffs, looking for the precious liquid.

Guarani, the people of the selva 52'

In the Ecuadorian forest, the Guarani people struggle to keep their culture alive.

Happy rain 52'

Every year, rivers flood the Bangladeshi land throughout the monsoon months, making farming impossible.

Hell's Miners of Potosi 52'

At an altitude of 4,700 meters, Eduardo, aged 22, dreams of making a fortune in Potosi, the highest and most dangerous mines in the world.

Himalaya, a Path to the Sky 52' & 65'

Follow Kenrap, an attaching little child who decided to become a monk when he was 5.

Himalaya, Land of Women 52' & 80'

A sensitive and poetic immersion in the life of four generations of women in Zanskar during harvesting season.

Ice diamonds 52'

Today, Canada is the world’s third producer of diamonds. These “clean” diamonds are particularly appreciated on the international market for their purity as well as their ethics.

Inuit, fighting for a better life 52'

Who are the Inuit people of today? Follow the "On the land" program and those who chose to learn the Inuit culture again to live a better life in their homeland.

Ivory Knights 52'

Follow Macoun, the last of the ivory knights who still captures wild elephants with a lasso!

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