History (163)

Memories of a Nazi Camp 52'

Known as a full-scale laboratory for Nazi doctors, the Natzweiler-Struthof camp has been erased from historical memory. What really went on in this hidden place? The last survivors shed light on this dark chapter of history.


From fortress to palace, thanks to 3D modeling and testimonies including the Prince Albert II, discover the construction secrets of one of the most famous emblems of the European monarchy.

Musée d'Orsay: A Great Metamorphosis 52'

Discover the history of the Musée d'Orsay, from the station to the Impressionist stronghold it is today.

Pasteur & Koch: the Race against Microbes 52', 90' & 2X45'

Tuberculosis, cholera, rabies, tetanus or diphtheria… All these deadly diseases have obsessed two rivals for a lifetime: Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur. Discover how they revolutionized microbiology and medicine.

Petra, The capital of the desert 90'

Its temple-like tomb awed millions in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. How did an ancient people over 2000 years ago build this magnificent city in one of the most bone-dry locations on Earth?

Power and Paranoia in the third Reich 56'

He made tons of enemies and was the target of more than 40 assassination attempts. Yet, he survived them all without a scratch. Discover Hitler’s surprising strategies to keep his relentless fears at bay.

St Peter’s Holy Relics: The Quest 52'

In the heart of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome lays one of Vatican’s greatest treasures: The relics of St. Peter. From Israel to Rome, through Turkey, plunge into a captivating investigation in the footsteps of Saint Peter.

The American Dreams of Bobby Kennedy 52'

50 years after Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, discover an unprecedented portrait of a man who left an indelible mark on American politics.

The Daunting Fortress of Richard the Lionheart 52' 4K

To protect his lands, English king Richard the Lionheart decided to build an impregnable castle, a real proof of engineering and military ingenuity. Discover this great architectural adventure along a breathtaking war story.

The Death Train 52'

Thanks to unique archives – including unpublished photographs - and interviews of the last survivors, this film revisits the first massive crime of WWII killing 13,000 people in the city of Iasi, Romania that lays out the early stages of the Shoah.

The Élysée Palace, Architecture of Power 52'

Built in 1722, the Élysée Palace is known as the official residence of French Presidents. Thanks to 3D reconstructions, archives and interviews, this film tells the evolution through years and Presidents, of this symbol of the French Republic.

The French Secret Service, a Declassified History 4x52'

This collection unveils the mysteries of a hidden and fascinating world and illuminates the history of contemporary France. Who really controls the French secret services, what is their room for maneuver and what power do they really hold?

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