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Hitler Youth 2x44'

Through colour archives and eyewitness accounts by former Hitler Youth, the film grasps how a totalitarian regime managed to turn children into soldiers.

Hitler's Teen Killers 52'

The 12th SS Panzer "Hitlerjugend" Division became one of the most famous German divisions to fight in the Second World War. Discover the story of these teenagers who were killers, and would soon become mass murderers.

Holy Mysteries 3x52'

An investigative series that takes us right to the heart of the mysteries and controversies surrounding Christian relics and saints.

Hôtel de Crillon: The Renaissance of a Paris Landmark 52'

After 4 years of renovation, the Parisian flagship hotel reopens its doors. Architects, artisans, restorers… more than 4000 people are behind this colossal renovation and expectations are high. A privileged visit of one of the oldest luxury hotels.

Iconic landmarks - New Eps! 7x52'

Famous for their architectural style, their historical or political value, certain buildings are paved with legends. With the help of top experts, this series takes us behind the scenes of some of France’s most iconic landmarks.

Inside Hitler's Killing Machine 4x52'

This documentary series takes us to the heart of the Nazi killing system and throws fresh light on the origins and workings of Adolf Hitler’s project.

Inside Toulon Arsenal, Bastion of the Mediterranean 52'

Immersion in the "jewel of the Mediterranean". Toulon is now sheltering the largest naval base in France which hosts the flagship fleet of the French Navy. An unknown heritage highlighted in this documentary.

Iraq, Destruction of a Nation 4x52' & 2x52'

Thanks to exclusive access, unique archives, poignant witnesses and a powerful storytelling, this series unveils the full story that led Iraq to chaos after over 40 years of conflicts.

Israel, a twice promised land 2x52'

Revisit the first two decades of Israel, as seen by both Israelis and Arabs, to mark the 70th year of existence of the Hebrew State. Twenty critical years to understand the origin of a conflict still making headlines.

Ku Klux Klan, an American Story 2x52'

A revealing historical fresco which brings together archival footage and interviews to tell the story of the Ku Klux Klan and, through it, that of America.

Marie Antoinette: Trial of a Queen 110' 4K

"The death of a Queen. The birth of a legend". Thanks to newly discovered secret documents from Marie Antoinette's trial, plunge behind the scene of this fascinating trial, which led the last queen of France to her inexorable fate.

Megapolis, the Ancient World Revealed 4x52’

From the 5th century BC to the Roman Empire, this compelling documentary series brings back to life the greatest ancient cities at the height of their powers.

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