History (163)

Clean Torture: An American Fabrication 52'

Combining archive and contemporary footage, this documentary delves into 70 years of the history of torture in the United States, thanks to the testimonies of researchers and witnesses - victims or tormentors.

Fabergé, the Making of a legend 52' 4K

The epic story of the house of Fabergé, from the rise of an ‘artist jeweller’ in 19th century imperial Russia to the enduring legacy of fabergé today.

Fontainebleau, building a royal palace 47'

It is the largest castle in France with Versailles. François 1st, Henri IV, the Sun King and Napoleon contributed during nine centuries to its building. Plunge into the incredible story of the castle of Fontainebleau.

Forts of Verdun, a Military Chess Game 52'

With 38 forts at stake, Verdun was a highly strategic place during WWI. Through rare archives, 3D animations and interviews of historians and scientists, this documentary plunges us inside these coveted fortifications from a fresh perspective.


The colossal burial place of General Franco has been the subject of fierce debate for decades. When the government decides to remove his remains to a more modest mausoleum, debates are raging again.

From Moscow With Love 52'

Going on a trip to the USSR and in the Soviet bloc countries before the fall of the Berlin wall, was simply a dream for tens of thousands of French people. Discover this ideal told through amateur films, photographs and testimonials of travelers.

Great Castles: A Fortified Heritage 52'

Witnesses of time passing, the 1038 castles classified French have been a central concern of heritage enthusiasts. Discover the strategies and innovative solutions developed by their owners to protect these historical structures.

Gulag, a Life under the Soviet System 60' & 76' 4K

From Moscow to the extreme borders of Eastern Siberia, the film takes an in-depth look at one of the most brutal penitentiary systems of the twentieth century still largely unknown to this day.

Gulag, The Story 3x52’ & 2x52'

Based on previously-unreleased documentary sources including interviews of former prisoners, this series tells the story of the Soviet concentration camp system, a major political, human and economic fact of the 20th century still little known today.

Hagia Sophia 90'

Istanbul has endured more than a dozen of devastating earthquakes. Yet, after 1500 years, Hagia Sophia remains standing. An international team of experts tries to solve the monuments’ mysteries and struggles to save it from destruction.

History Uncovered 4x52'

Did you know that Hiroshima didn’t cause the surrender of Japan in WWII? Or that the Marshall Plan didn’t really help Europe? Revisit the key moments of the 20th century from a new perspective and discover how it really happened.

Hitler and Paris, the untold story 52'

June 23, 1940: Hitler makes a sightseeing trip to Paris, to find inspiration for a project: Germania, the future world capital, supposed to surpass Paris. A close-up look at what’s behind Hitler’s fascination for the City of Lights.

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