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About Executing Eichmann 52'

Jewish historians and thinkers dwell on the importance of Eichmann’s trial in Israël’s history and on the violent debates provoked by his death sentence in the 60’s in the intellectual and political sphere.

After Hitler 2x45' & 1x45'

In the five years that separated the end of World War II from the start of the Cold War, the world had hoped for a lasting peace, but instead found itself on the brink of apocalypse.

Ambassadors in Berlin: The Whistleblowers of WWII 52'

Thanks to newly disclosed archives (eye witness accounts, personal notebooks, telegrams and reports), this documentary unveils how foreign diplomats in Berlin tried to alert the world early on the rise and increasing dangers of Nazi Germany.

An American Depression 52'

A full archive documentary on the consequences of the Great Depression of 1929, through the most iconic pictures of the crisis, from photographers Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans and Arthur Rothstein.

Animals at War, Wild Heroes of World War II 2x52' & 90'

What role did animals play during WWII? The little known story of millions of animals - dogs, horses, elephants & pigeons - who contributed to the war effort on the battlefield and behind the front.

Apollo: Back to the Moon 90’ & 2x45’

Full color archival image and 3D reenactment retrace from a brand-new perspective the Apollo Program. An epic adventure told through the journey of the men and women who took part in this incredible mission.

Bastille day: Chronicle of a Revolution 52' 4K

Hour by hour, with the help of experts, 3D modeling, and reconstructions, relive the key events of the storming of the Bastille, a turning point of the French Revolution.

Battle for the Moon: 1957-1969, from Sputnik to Apollo 2x52’

To commemorate humanity’s first walk on the moon 50 years ago, this film will revisit the space race - from the launch of the first Soviet Sputnik in 1957 to the American triumph of the Apollo 11 in 1969.

Battle on the Frontline, Maginot VS Siegfried 52'

Discover how Line Siegfried and Line Maginot protected Germany and France during World War II by using modern technologies. A fight between the two most sophisticated defense systems at the time.

Blood Money: Inside the nazi economy 2x45' & 90'

Blending rare archive footage and interviews with leading historians, this film examines the rise and fall of the Nazi regime through its economic system.

Broken Arrows, the Lost Bombs of the Cold War 2x52'

Thanks to protagonists and experts, this film looks back at four nuclear accidents that have been classified as official secrets. Now published, the files show how the relentless standoff between two superpowers led us to the brink of obliteration.

Cambridge, sounds of King's College 43'

Through music and the greatest works composed there, this film opens the doors of King’s College, and goes back over 500 years of history.

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