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The Nazi Nurseries 52'

A documentary on the Nazis’ secret breeding programme called Lebensborn, and how the surviving children try to rebuild their lives without knowing the truth or by hiding it.

The Orphans of Condor 52'

The portrait of 3 children, eye witnesses to Latin America's brutal terror system, Operation Condor, and the military dictatorships behind it...

The Rise and Fall of Versailles 3x52'

A beautiful portrait of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI and their masterpiece, Versailles, Europe's most splendid palace.

The unknowns of Reulle's forest 52'

In Castelmaurou, after the liberation, 15 corpses hidden by SS are exhumed from a mass grave. 5 of those corpses remained anonymous. Families and History lovers join their efforts to find their identities.


80 years after the events, this film lifts the veil on the greatest mass-arrest of Jews ever carried out on French soil, in the light of the most recent historiography.

To kill a queen: the last days of Marie Antoinette 52'

"The death of a Queen. The birth of a legend". Thanks to historians' testimonies and reconstitutions, the film plunges behind the scenes of this fascinating trial, which led the last queen of France to her inexorable fate.

U-455, the mystery of the lost submarine 52'

The only German U-Boat lost without trace... finally discovered!

Vaux-Le-Vicomte, building a royal palace 52'

Architectural exploit that inspired the construction of Versailles castle, plunge into the history of Vaux-Le-Vicomte, mythical building of the XVIIth century.

Verdun, the Battle of the Great War 52’ & 90’

100 years after the end of WWI, relive the longest, bloodiest and most-ferocious battle of the Great War, alongside the men who lived it, through their personal archives.

William the Conqueror 52'

A prime time docu fiction on William the Conqueror, the last who has invaded England.

39-45: Forbidden Love 50'

They broke the rules and chose to live their passion against all odds. Revisit WWII through the passionate yet forbidden love stories of men and women who were supposed to be enemies.

5 submarines against the Nazis 52'

Throughout World War II, the submarine "Rubis" and the submersibles of the "Free French Naval Forces" scoured the Atlantic to neutralize the German Navy. Discover these forgotten ships that made possible the liberation of France.

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