History (163)

Shadow Fighters 6x52'

Filmed in 15 European countries and based on the exceptional testimonies of the last-remaining survivors, this ambitious series looks for the first time at the Resistance on a European scale.

Snapshots of History 20x26'

Explore some of the major events of the 20th Century through the prism of ordinary people memories. Personal photos, letters and diaries offer a new perspective of key moments we think we know.

Stalin - In color 52' & 85'

Thanks to new colorized archives, this documentary will revisit the Stalin's 30-years long reign of terror.

Stalin - Trotsky, a battle to death 52'

The story of an absolute duel: an ideological duel with two visions of communism, a political duel for power, but above all, a duel between two radically opposed men.

Stone Age Cinema 52'

Did you think the first movies were screened in a cinema? According to groundbreaking discoveries, our prehistoric ancestors may have invented the concept while drawing on their walls.

The Destiny of Rome 2x52'

The Destiny of Rome takes us to the heart of Ancient Rome with its civil wars, and traces the careers of two exceptional leaders: Marc Antony and Octavian.


This documentary reveals the courage of rebellious prisoners of war, confined at the disciplinary camp known as Rava-Ruska, and witnesses of the genocide of Jews from Ukraine and Poland that began in 1942.

The Guillotine: A French History 52'

Through poignant testimonies and unpublished archives, this documentary looks back on this forbidden episode in the history of France, and reveals the sometimes burdensome secrets of this machine and its design.

The Last Fallen Soldier 52'

By blending archive images and traditional animation, this documentary follows the final peace negotiations between the Allied and Germany and tells the story of Augustin Trébuchon, the last soldier killed in the Great War.

The Maestro, for the camps' music to live 74'

One man has taken on a unique challenge: tracking down and performing all the pieces of music written in the concentration camps by men and women who used music as an act of resistance.

The Man who Cracked the Nazi Code 52'

What if the D-Day landings were only possible thanks to a chess player who cracked the encoded communications of the German army?

The Nazi Exiles 52'

The film follows the exile of Nazis in the Middle East after WWII and ex-plores the origins of the connection between national-socialism and the Arab world under the Third Reich.

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