History (163)

Mission Invisible 52'

A secret military mission aboard the largest Russian nuclear submarine able to destroying a land in half an hour!

Naachtun, the Forgotten Mayan City 52' 4K

Isolated in the middle of the tropical forest of Guatemala, Naachtun is the last city of the Maya golden age. Today, scientists are trying to understand how it has survived for almost 200 years after the collapse of the Mayan civilization.

Nadia Comăneci, the gymnast and the dictator 56'

Montreal Olympic Games, 18th July 1976: an angel-faced young gymnast storms into the sports legend. The entire world is dazzled by her grace, her self-control and masterly style. On both sides of the Iron Curtain, audiences are overwhelmed.

Namibia, the genocide of the second Reich 52'

In 1904, Germany has committed his first genocide in Namibia and has explicitly planned the extermination of two people: the Namas and the Hereros.

Napoleon - the Russian Campaign 2x52’

With state of the art CGI using full-synthesis images, we will relive one of the most memorable and mythical military campaigns and defeats of recent history, the invasion of Russia by Napoleon.

Queen Elizabeth's Last Battles 52' & 90'

Scandals, break-up and Brexit: Queen Elizabeth has faced many challenges. Take a look back at the Queen’s milestones of the past two years, thanks to archive footage and interviews.

Racial Hygiene 52' & 90'

Everyone knows that eugenics was one of the ideological pillars of Nazism. What is less well known is that the practice began in the United States at the start of the 20th century.

Résistants Collabos : une lutte à mort 70'

After the defeat of France in June 1940, a new struggle began. It pitted the French who had chosen to resist the Germans against those who had decided to collaborate.

Sacrifice D-Day 2x45' & 90'

A prime time documentary on the 100 days between the D-Day landings and the Liberation of Paris.

Savages in Foreign Lands 52'

Discover a civilization living far from the known world - people with no tongues, and a secret history. Plunge into the untold story of this lost society that lived in the Canary Islands in the pre-Columbian times.

Scribes of Ancient Egypt 52'

Thanks to the amazing drawings left by the Scribes, who played an important part in the Egyptian civilization, we know a lot about their lives. But who really were these Scribes?

Sea Soldiers 52'

The true story of marine mammals who were captured during the Cold War and trained to become sea killers!

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