History (152)

1945-1953: From World War to Cold War 2x52'

From the Yalta Conference in 1945 up to 1953, discover a new world order designed by three men, in search of a lasting peace, that would inevitably lead to the Cold War.

After the war, the restitutions 52'

With Liberation comes the time of political, social and economic reconstruction of devastated France. For some French, jews especially, everything has to be rebuilt.

American Modern Art, A Secret Weapon in the Cold War 52'

At the beginning of the Cold War, a new artistic movement emerged. Discover how the CIA used these artists as a soft power to reinforce the leading position of the USA on the international stage.

Annihilation 8x52'

Seventy years after Auschwitz’s liberation, we have not finished accounting for the destruction of Europe’s Jews. One question remains today: not why, but how was the Shoah possible?

Armenian Genocide, 100 years later 52'

1915: the Ottoman empire is at war. More than one million Armenian people are slaughtered by the Turks. This is the first genocide of a tragic century.

Besieged fortresses, legendary battles 4x52' 4K

A gripping series that explores how fortresses redefined the art of warfare.

Cannibal Island 52' & 75'

The untold story of 6000 "unwanted" people, sent to a lost island in the middle of Siberia.

Children of the Shoah 55'

On April 6th, 1944, 44 children between 4 and 16 years old were arrested in Izieu by the Gestapo under the authority of Klaus Barbie. None of them came back.

CIA, Secret Wars 3x52'

Discover the CIA like never before with testimonies by the highest ranking officers.

Deep Time History 3x52' 4K

With CGI and reenactment, we tear down the walls between Science and History to reveal how the story of mankind is often driven by events from the deep past.

Hitler and Churchill: The Eagle and the Lion 2x45'

From 1940 to 45, Hitler and Churchill thought of nothing else but how to destroy each other. This film tells the story of this clash of the giants from their common experience in the trenches of the First World War until the end of World War II.

Hitler's Last Year 45', 100' & 2x52'

From the D-Day landings on the 6 June 1944 to the surrender of the Third Reich on 8 May 1945, why did it take 353 days to bring down the Nazi regime?

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