Factual (21)

White Collar Gangsters 5x52'

The destiny of top white-collar criminals such as the "The Most Hated Man on the Internet" or the founder of Silk Road - talented con men who fooled the system and made front-page news.

48H Under Suspicion 12x52'

Six episodes, six custodies of 48 hours, and a lot of murders. Based on testimonies of lawyers, magistrates and policemen, this series uses immersive reenactments to relive the crucial moment of custody.

Amber Alert 6x52'

Plunge into six children kidnapping cases and explore from the inside a unique and colossal system: The AMBER Alert.

At the Hotel School 5x47'

Over the course of a school year, this series takes us behind the scenes of a school of excellence. A fascinating plunge into a relentless universe.

Firefighters, in the Heart of Danger 6x52' 4K

FIRE! FIRE! Every year, 60,000 wildfires rage across Europe devastating 3 million acres of land. But what causes these fires? Are they intentional or accidental? A research unit investigates using the same forensic tools and techniques as CSI.

On the markets 110'

A market is "the beating heart of a country" but it is also and above all the stories of men and women: the stallholders, the producers, the fishermen, a whole chain that strengthens thanks to each other so that regional products survive.

Pregnancy Denial: Facing the Unexpected 70'

Through the stories and testimonies of women and men who have lived or witnessed a pregnancy denial, this film highlights a subject still unclear in the collective mind: how not to realize that one is pregnant?

Rungis, masters of taste 110'

An exciting and appetizing dive into Rungis, the "market" town where more than two million tons of goods are traded every year.

Hobbies 16x12'

Alain, Laurine, Adrienne and Mitch have all something in common : they live out their passion and dreams. Be they quirky, marginal or thrill-seekers, these enthusiasts offer, in this series, a sensitive and moving testimony.

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