Factual (27)

Animal Treasure 6x26'

An investigation series on the relation between the luxury industry and the most expensive animals on the planet.

At the Nursing School 4x52'

Becoming a nurse: who are the people who, despite the difficulties, choose this vocational profession? During one year, we follow the training of these men and women who have chosen a profession like no other.

Aux quatre vents 52'

Patrick and his younger brothers were taken away from their parents and placed in different foster homes. Today, Patrick has a dream: to reunite his brothers to share their story and build a common future.

Controlling the Skies 52'

An exclusive in-depth investigation into the wild and secret world of the heroes of the air.

Earth Signs From Above 4x52’

A factual series about strange manifestations and enigmatic marks on Earth. Throughout 4 episodes, contemplate crop circles, megaliths, geoglyphs and land art.

Eloquence of the deaf 52'

The portrait of a powerful woman, Virginie Delalande, the first deaf person to become a lawyer in France.

Grand prix Monaco: countdown to the race 52' & 95'

Go behind the scenes of an incredible challenge: transforming the Principality of Monaco into the most legendary Formula 1 racing circuit: The Monaco Grand Prix.

House for sale! 8x52'

Classic, unusual, primary or secondary residences, follow buyers and sellers as they embark on a real estate project.

Let's Cruise! 6x52'

Embark on a journey to discover the cruise industry! In recent years, it has undergone major changes coupled with dynamic growth. How does this unique business work?

Lifeguards at sea 6x45'

Experience in close proximity the work of the sea rescuers, the first link in the chain of help brought to people in situations of real or potential shipwreck.

Once upon a time at the Zoo 60'

Immerse yourself behind the scenes of France's largest zoo and make an original visit.

Paris’ Ring road: Secrets of a Megastructure 52'

How was the « Boulevard Périphérique of Paris » built? Discover the secrets behind this megastructure that has become the busiest road in Europe.

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