Art & Culture (50)

Masters of Comedy 4x52'

From their first steps in cinema to their latest films four icons of French-style comedy look back on their careers and their relationship to cinema.

Pin-Up, the Revenge Of A Sex-Symbol 52'

Object of masculine domination gone by the wayside, or the ultimate symbol of modern girl power? Has the pin-up become the ultimate icon of feminism? Let the pin-up speak out!

Carnival(s) 5x52' & 5x43'

This series takes us inside a spectacular tradition: the Carnival. This celebration witnesses the strong relationship between cities and inhabitants. Inside 5 carnivals in different countries, we discover the culture and the history of a population.

American Modern Art, A Secret Weapon in the Cold War 52'

At the beginning of the Cold War, a new artistic movement emerged. Discover how the CIA used these artists as a soft power to reinforce the leading position of the USA on the international stage.

Savages in Foreign Lands 52'

Discover a civilization living far from the known world - people with no tongues, and a secret history. Plunge into the untold story of this lost society that lived in the Canary Islands in the pre-Columbian times.

Scribes of Ancient Egypt 52'

Thanks to the amazing drawings left by the Scribes, who played an important part in the Egyptian civilization, we know a lot about their lives. But who really were these Scribes?

Snapshots of History 20x26'

Explore some of the major events of the 20th Century through the prism of ordinary people memories. Personal photos, letters and diaries offer a new perspective of key moments we think we know.

Stone Age Cinema 52'

Did you think the first movies were screened in a cinema? According to groundbreaking discoveries, our prehistoric ancestors may have invented the concept while drawing on their walls.

Cambridge, sounds of King's College 43'

Through music and the greatest works composed there, this film opens the doors of King’s College, and goes back over 500 years of history.

Hôtel de Crillon: The Renaissance of a Paris Landmark 52'

After 4 years of renovation, the Parisian flagship hotel reopens its doors. Architects, artisans, restorers… more than 4000 people are behind this colossal renovation and expectations are high. A privileged visit of one of the oldest luxury hotels.

Leonardo: The Mystery of the Lost Portrait 52' & 90' 4K

500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, plunge into the heart of a captivating scientific investigation to discover a painting that may be an unknown self-portrait of the artist.

STARS OF CRIME, how they became pop icons 3x52'

Whether fictional characters or true-life criminals, they have exerted a grim fascination on generations and have become icons of popular culture. A psychological portrait of dangerous killers who became crime's icons.

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