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Israel, Stories of modern days 52'

2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel. But what remains of the hope for a peaceful Jewish State? Israeli writers - Amos Oz, Etgar Keret, Zeruya Shalev... - speak out and offer a striking portrait of their country.

Joel Meyerowitz: The Pulse of the Street 52'

Discover the work of one of the first street photographers to make a successful transition from black-and-white to color in fine-art Photography.

Kehinde Wiley, An Economy of Grace 52'

Known for his vibrant reinterpretations of classical portraits featuring young African American men, New York-based visual artist Kehinde Wiley has taken the art world by storm.

Vermeer, Beyond Time 2x45', 90' & 52'

Discover one of the most famous yet mysterious painter of all times through a docudrama that immerses us into 17th Century blooming Holland.

Aurélie Dupont, Instants of Grace 52'

A moving, joyful and intimate portrait of Aurélie Dupont, prima ballerina at the Paris National Opera, and guest-star on the world's greatest stages.

Dietrich - Garbo, the Angel and the Divine 52'

More than just two legends of cinema, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo are the cinema. These two icons have forever changed the erotic imagination of a whole era through their exoticism and audacity.

The Hollywood Dream Factory 52'

This off-beat portrait of the actress Jayne Mansfield will explore the Hollywood dream factory through a casting call.

Frank Sinatra or America's Golden Age 52'

Discover two coinciding periods of the golden age of the legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra, and that of the country he embodied. A documentary following the traces of the seductive American dream from which he is inseparable.

Châteaux of France, Living Splendours 9x52'

French Palaces immerses us in the universe of some historical figures such as Francis I, Leonardo da Vinci and Catherine de Medici, and introduces us to those who keep France’s great chateaus alive today.

Châteaux of the Loire Seen from the Sky 52'

"Châteaux from above" immerses us in the universe of some historical figures such as Francis I, Leonardo da Vinci and Catherine de Medicis, but also introduces us to those who continue to keep France’s great chateaux alive today.

Game Over 52'

The incredible saga of one of the greatest cultural phenomenons of the past 40 years: video games.

Getting Frank Gehry 52'

Drawing on a life's work defined by controversial and ground-breaking ideas, the world's greatest architect creates his first Australian building in Sydney - where debate already rages over whether it will be eyesore or icon.

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