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Beat the Drum for Music 5x26'

Where do instruments come from? How did we come up with such complex inventions? An offbeat history of music through instruments.

Bruges, sounds of St. John's Hospital 43'

Thought music, this film explores the prodigious past of one of the oldest hospitals of the medieval era: St. John's Hospital.

Gold in their hands 60'

Discover the jobs of those who work with gold.

Her Name was Grace Kelly 52'

Considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, Grace Kelly remains an icon today. But do we know the inside story? Who really was Grace Kelly? An intimate and unprecedented portrait through the eyes of her family and close friends.

Les Halles Paul Bocuse, the gourmet village of Lyon 52'

In Lyon, Les Halles Paul Bocuse gathers together 58 merchants in an association; brought up to date in 2014, it has confirmed its international reputation.

Queens of lingerie 60'

Discover these professionals who have dedicated their lives to women's underwear.


Music and architecture echo each other to retrace the history of emblematic places.

Sounds of the Louvre 43'

Music, architecture and power: from the medieval fortress to today's museum.

The Paris of the great breweries 52'

Behind the scenes of the great Parisian brasseries.

1968, Photographic Acts 52'

Rediscover the milestones of 1968 through timeless photos. Photographers, curators and photo-reporters gives us their feeling about these striking snapshots.

Angelin Preljocaj, dancing the invisible 52'

Take a step into the world of Angelin Preljocaj, the master of contemporary dance, and uncover the secrets of his creative process.

Connections 4x26'

Two artists, two different styles. By bringing together one of their iconic paintings, each episode confronts two artists in their own historical context, two visions of the world, offering a broader perspective on creation, art, and artists.

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