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Family on the Road 21x52' - new episodes

Fred, Laure, Martin and Chine travel around the world to meet people who try to make the world a better place and imagine new solutions to bring people and nature together.

Diary of an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) 75'

I am 40 years old, and my partner Rodolphe is 42. We had been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. After many months, we meet Professor René Frydman. Rodolphe decided to film our journey with his mobile phone, where no other camera had been before.

Decoding Da Vinci 52’ 4K

Through sketches and notebooks, the comparison of paintings and the analysis of infrared reflectography, this film takes a fresh look at da Vinci’s painting and what it meant to him: Total art as a way to understand the world.

Fighting For The Cuban Crocodile 52'

The Cuban crocodile is an endemic species now endangered. Meet the people struggling to save these reptiles and discover an animal that has become the symbol of an island that will do anything to preserve its identity and freedom. 

Forts of Verdun, a Military Chess Game 52'

With 38 forts at stake, Verdun was a highly strategic place during WWI. Through rare archives, 3D animations and interviews of historians and scientists, this documentary plunges us inside these coveted fortifications from a fresh perspective.

Great Castles: A Fortified Heritage 52'

Witnesses of time passing, the 1038 castles classified French have been a central concern of heritage enthusiasts. Discover the strategies and innovative solutions developed by their owners to protect these historical structures.

Genius Sea Hunters, The Third Dimension Unveiled 3x52' 4K

Through breathtaking underwater, aerial and 4K images, embark on a scientific investigation to decode the most spectacular marine animals’ behaviors.

Cuba, Embracing Its Future 2x52' & 110'

Experience the Cuban way of life and meet the men and women who keep it alive. Between claimed heritage and modernity, the Cuban people have created a unique society.

Crafty as a Goat 52' 4K

What if goats were just as clever as dogs? Meet four of them, evolving in different environment, and discover this sensitive and clever animal.

Battle on the Frontline, Maginot VS Siegfried 52'

Discover how Line Siegfried and Line Maginot protected Germany and France during World War II by using modern technologies. A fight between the two most sophisticated defense systems at the time.

Aribert Heim: The Doctor Death of Mauthausen 52'

Autumn 1941: An Austrian doctor is assigned to the Mauthausen Camp, where he will murder in a few weeks hundreds of inmates through horrific experiments. Discover the chilling story of one of the world’s most wanted Nazis.

Aquarium Megastructure: Nausicaá 52'

Equipped with a main basin as large as four Olympic swimming pools, Nausicaá is Europe’s biggest aquarium. From its architecture to the logistics of bringing in hundreds more species, plunge into an immersive journey into this exceptional project.

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