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Hitler's Teen Killers 52'

They grew up under the Nazi regime. They pledged to give their lives for Hitler. Historical colorized archives and a handful of survivors tell us this story.

Hobbies 16x12'

Alain, Laurine, Adrienne and Mitch have all something in common : they live out their passion and dreams. Be they quirky, marginal or thrill-seekers, these enthusiasts offer, in this series, a sensitive and moving testimony.

Hitler's Desert War 52'

The gripping account of a forgotten conflict, from a new perspective.

Hitler Youth 2x44'

Through colour archives and eyewitness accounts by former Hitler Youth, the film grasps how a totalitarian regime managed to turn children into soldiers.

History Uncovered 4x52'

Did you know that Hiroshima didn’t cause the surrender of Japan in WWII? Or that the Marshall Plan didn’t really help Europe? Revisit the key moments of the 20th century from a new perspective and discover how it really happened.

Hitler and Paris, the untold story 52'

June 23, 1940: Hitler makes a sightseeing trip to Paris to find inspiration for a project: Germania, the future world capital, supposed to surpass Paris. A close-up look at what’s behind Hitler’s fascination for the City of Lights.

Holy Diplomacy: the secret power of the Vatican 52'

Is the Vatican the world’s best Foreign Intelligence Agency? This geopolitical investigation takes us behind the scenes of the secret, hushed world of the Holy See diplomacy.

Hôtel de Crillon: The Renaissance of a Paris Landmark 52'

After 4 years of renovation, the Parisian flagship hotel reopens its doors. Architects, artisans, restorers… more than 4000 people are behind this colossal renovation and expectations are high. A privileged visit of one of the oldest luxury hotels.

Inside Hitler's Killing Machine 4x52'

This documentary series takes us to the heart of the Nazi killing system and throws fresh light on the origins and workings of Adolf Hitler’s project.

Iran: Teaching Among the Nomads 52'

In the Zagros Mountains, a teacher accompanies a nomadic family on their transhumance. For three weeks, he walks with them and gives the children lessons. A poetic look at this little-known people and their lifestyle, which is doomed to disappear.

Iconic landmarks 8x52' - New Eps!

Famous for their architectural style, their historical or political value, certain buildings are paved with legends. With the help of top experts, this series takes us behind the scenes of some of France’s most iconic landmarks.

Ibera Park, rewilding Argentina 52'

Take part in the large-scale rewilding project of Ibera Park, Argentina’s greatest fresh water resource. A unique ecosystem with 4,000 plant and animal species, which account for almost one third of the biodiversity of the country.

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