General Terms of Use

General Terms of Use

ZED is a company that produces and distributes audiovisual content.

ZED is a simplified joint-stock company with €80.403 in share capital, registered with the Commercial and Companies Registry of Paris under the number B40201823800038, whose principal place of business is located at 39 rue des Prairies, 75020 Paris - FRANCE.

ZED has created an online screening room service that is available on its website www.zed.fr for media professionals who are registered users of the service which utilizes streaming technology so they can view trailers or full-length audiovisual Works in its catalogue.

The protected audiovisual content may be accessed subject to prior approval of registrations and observance of these General Terms of Use.

This screening room service was designed solely for promotional purposes to give media professionals the opportunity to view the audiovisual content in ZED’s catalogue so that they can license it.

This website is therefore not designed to sell content online to private individuals or to professionals. Any media professionals who want to buy one or more of our programs should contact ZED directly about acquiring licensing rights.

These General Terms of Use were last updated on April 7th, 2011.

1- Definitions

Programs: The audiovisual works included in ZED’s catalogue

Trailers: an audiovisual segment constituting a reediting of a program or of several programs

Content: the programs and trailers available on our website

Website: the screening room operated by ZED by means of a web page that can be accessed at www.zed.fr

Users: persons or organizations whose registration has been approved and confirmed by ZED

2- Registration

Before they can access the website, users must first set up an account by providing the required information on our online registration form, giving their: last name, first name, title, industry sector, company, country, phone number, email address and password.

Only media professionals who want to acquire licensing rights are eligible to register on our website. ZED reserves the right to refuse any registration of persons or organizations if it deems that their business or motivations are not consistent with the purpose of the screening room.

Users must accept these General Terms of Use by clicking on the box next to the statement: “I have read and accept the General Terms of Use”.

After ZED’s approval, a user ID and password (hereinafter the « identifying data »), strictly for personal use, will be sent to Users by email confirmation to the email account provided when they registered.

After identifying themselves using their identifying data, users will be able to see the content that they can view free-of-charge, subject to observance of the terms provided in section 4 below.

Users guarantee ZED against any deceitful use and/or source of harm of its identifying data, regardless of whether they are fraudulent, by their own action or by action of any other party. ZED may not be held liable for any unauthorized use of users’ identifying data and/or identify.

If users notice any fraudulent use of their identifying data, they must inform ZED of this immediately by email at the following email address: screening@zed.fr

ZED reserves the right to close users’ accounts at any time.

3- Technical Specifications

Given the nature of the service, ZED can not guarantee that the website will function continuously without error or alteration and can not guarantee that access to the catalogue will be possible, in particular in case of:

ZED may temporarily shut down the website in order to upgrade it or to perform maintenance.

4- Use of Content

Access to this website is strictly reserved for Users to view the streaming content using only the media player supplied by the website.

The content is available to users free-of-charge for the sole purpose of promoting ZED’s catalogue and to allow users to view them in order to purchase them. Therefore, content can only be viewed by identified users for strictly professional and non-commercial use.

Accordingly, users must agree not to do any of the following:

Users agree not to use any technology intended to disorganize, diminish or prevent the normal functioning of the website.

5- Intellectual Property

ZED has secured the authorizations necessary from the owners of the rights whose content, trademark, distinctive features or protectable content are available on the website.

ZED is the sole owner of the licensing rights on and to the ZED trademark and logo as well as to the www.zed.fr domain name.

Users guarantee ZED against any infringement of the intellectual property rights referred to above as a result of using the website.

6- Data collection

ZED is at the moment filling in a declaration (1496009) with France’s National Data Protection and Privacy Commission (CNIL) to the effect that it processes data supplied by the users of its website.

This data is collected only:

Users will receive regular information updates from ZED sent to the email account provided when they registered. Users will have the option to ask to no longer receive such information and to unsubscribe from the email recipient list.

ZED will never provide this data to any third parties.

Pursuant to the Data Protection and Privacy Act of January 6, 1978, amended by Act N° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, users have the right to consult and correct the data they provide by writing to the following email address: screening@zed.fr

7- Changes to terms of Use

ZED reserves the right to change these General Terms of Use at any time.

8- Governing Law

These General Terms of Use are governed by French law.