General Terms of Use


Most recent update: 01/09/2018


The general terms and conditions of use (hereafter known as Ts&Cs) govern the use of the web site of the company ZED (hereafter known as the “Publisher”) and access to its services, especially its online screening service, or “Screening Room”.


Trailer: A short audiovisual sequence comprised of a montage of extracts from one or more programs for promotional purposes.

Professional account: Space reserved for professional users in the media, whose registration has been approved by the publisher, giving them access to the Screening Room via their personal and confidential user name.

Content: Programs and trailers freely offered for screening by the Publisher in the Screening Room.

Program: An audiovisual work produced and/or distributed by the Publisher. 

Site: The Publisher’s web site accessible at the URL address http://www.zed.fr

Screening Room: Streaming platform allowing users with a professional account to screen online content for free.

User: Any person, whatever their capacity or activity, accessing the site and its services.


Any user connection to the site, whether via the homepage or any other page, automatically implies the application of and unconditional agreement to the general Terms and Conditions herein.

The Publisher reserves the right to modify and update the Ts&Cs at any time without justification. Each new version will come into force from the date it goes online on the site, and is considered to be accepted by all users who subsequently connect. Each user is therefore invited to regularly consult the Ts&Cs to remain informed of the latest changes.

Given the international nature of the Publisher’s activity, the site is published in both French and English. The Ts&Cs have therefore been translated into English. In the case of any incoherence between the original French version and the English translation, the French version takes precedence.


The Screening Room service available on the site has been set up by the Publisher to present and promote the company’s catalog of audiovisual works to professionals in the media. Access to and use of this service is strictly reserved for broadcasters, publishers and other diffusers of audiovisual works, wishing to discover content with a view to acquiring rights.

4-1. Access to the Screening Room

Access to the Screening Room is subject to the prior registration of the user, verification of identity, and the creation of a professional account.

Prior registration

During the creation of a professional account, the user must fill in a registration form to provide the Publisher with certain personal information (such as email address, name, title, date of birth, phone number, mailing address, field of activity, etc.). Some of this is obligatory, some optional, as indicated on the form. If the user does not provide any of the obligatory information, their professional account will not be approved.

This personal data will be handled by the Publisher according to the terms of the Privacy policy.

The user undertakes to submit accurate and up-to-date information.

The Publisher reserves the right to refuse registration to any user who does not respect the conditions set out above, or whose activities or motives do not appear to correspond to the aims of the Screening Room service.


The Publisher will validate the user’s registration request by sending a username and password to the email address provided on the registration form.

These identification elements are strictly personal and confidential. The user is solely responsible for the consequences that may result in giving them to a third-party. If the user notices any unauthorized use of their username or password, or more generally any other breach of security on the site, they undertake to immediately notify the Publisher.

Having connected to the site using the aforementioned elements, the user can access the Screening Room and can view the available content free of charge, under the conditions set out in article 4-2 below.

4-2. Use of the Screening Room

The consultation of the content offered by the Publisher via the Screening Room service is strictly limited to professional and non-commercial use on the part of the user.

The site does not allow the acquisition of content online, for either personal or professional purposes. If a user wishes to acquire rights to one or more works, they must contact the Publisher’s sales team via the Contact page on the site.

The user cannot under any circumstance diffuse or screen the content proposed by the Publisher outside the Screening Room, or use any equipment or software intended to allow such unauthorized diffusion.

The Publisher expressly forbids users of the Screening Room to download content screened with the aim of diffusing extracts or entire works on any video distribution platform, whether legal or illegal.

The user is strictly forbidden from allowing their professional account to be used by third-parties who are not media-industry professionals.

In the case of failure to respect these conditions, the Publisher reserves the right to close the user’s professional account or to suspend its access and use.

The user may at any time request the closure of their professional account by contacting the Publisher at the following address: screening@zed.fr


All the elements that make up the site (text, graphics, photographs, images, sound, videos, databases, logos, brands, etc.), along with the site itself, are protected by intellectual property law, specifically copyright, associated rights, and trademarks.

The Publisher is the sole holder of the right to use “ZED” brand and logo, along with the domain name www.zed.fr.

The Publisher certifies to having all necessary authorizations from rights-holders whose content, name, image, brand, or any other protected element is accessible on the site.

The user of the site and its services will therefore refrain from:

In general, any unauthorized use of the site or of any of its elements and content exposes the perpetrator to legal action.


6-1. User’s rights

The personal data collected during the creation and use of a professional account is required for the management of the user’s account. It is destined for the Publisher’s internal services and sub-contractors.

This personal data will be handled by the Publisher under the conditions described in the Privacy Policy.

This policy notably covers the legal framework for handling data of a personal nature, the duration of its conservation, the purposes of its use, the recipients, the user’s rights regarding their own data, and the possible transfer of this data.

6.2- Cookies

The user is informed that, during visits to the site, one or more cookies may be automatically installed on their browser software.

A cookie is a file, often anonymous, that contains data, notably a unique authentication, transmitted by the site’s server to the user’s browser and stored on their hard disc.

During each visit by a user to the site, these cookies enable overall statistical studies of the site’s audience, to identify the user, if required, to monitor user behavior in the various sections of the site, with a view to better personalizing the site and its services in terms of layout, display, and content.

The user can block the storage of cookies by changing browser preferences. However, the user is informed that access to certain services on the site may become changed or inaccessible.


The Publisher declines all responsibility in the case of:

The user undertakes to use the site in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, and with respect to applicable legislation, public order and good morals.

The user will refrain from employing any technology with a view to destabilizing, limiting or preventing the correct functioning of the site.

The user safeguards the Publisher against any infringement of intellectual property rights resulting from the use of the site.


These Terms and Conditions of use are subject to French law. In case of litigation, the only the Paris courts are competent.