Wild horse of the Marshes (The) 52'


We are in the Rhone Delta in the south of France, the region known as the Camargue. In this place of unspoiled beauty, considered one of richest nature reserves in Europe, horses roam free in an almost wild state, living according to the seasons, their needs and their territory.

Powerful, spirited and swift, the horse is the master of this land. They live in herds in this vast marshy expanse that they share with many other species, including bulls, coypus, pink flamingoes and other waders.

Nourished by nature’s generous hand, the horses of the Camargue are protected by the distant yet well-meaning hand of their guardians, accomplished horsemen who live in these wide open spaces like Mediterranean cowboys.

In this outstanding natural setting, captured by a state-of-the-art array of filming techniques, we will follow these wild animals over the course of a year, discovering their history and that of their lineage.


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