Ireland, a long road to peace by Emmanuel Hamon & Alain Frilet


April, 1916: a rebellion organized by small groups of armed republicans and nationalists to chase the British out of Ireland erupts in Dublin. It’s the Easter Rising, the insurrection that gave rise to the Republic of Ireland, and which has come to symbolize the fight against British occupation.

Today, the guns are silent and the war in Northern Ireland is largely a thing of the past. The peace process has been stumbling forward since 1998, and while it has been challenging and at times infuriating, it has also helped people open up and widen their perspective.

This two-part documentary takes a close look at one of the most significant conflicts of the late 20th century. The first episode takes us on the meanders of its history, through the destinies of heroes who forged the legends of the Irish people, and who stood up to the most powerful colonial army in the world. The second episode looks back on the signature of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 that officially brought an end to the conflict, and examines the Ireland of today. 

This film tells the story of this tormented island through moving interviews with people who lived through the Troubles: both republicans and loyalists, men and women, politicians, freedom fighters, and simple bystanders. They give us their views on Ireland’s tumultuous past and discuss their own role in the violence, either as perpetrators or victims. They also share their fears for their island home, along with their hopes for a peaceful future.


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