Gay or Straight, Is It a Choice? by Thierry Berrod


Natural selection predisposes us to heterosexuality and reproduction. A portion of the population thinks this is a choice or a decision. But not only. Since several years science interrogates the roots of sexual orientation, homo and hetero. Have we really a choice?

Homosexuality is not the mental illness of yesterday, nor the genetic defect of tomorrow; It is simply a natural variant of one of our basic biological characteristics, our sexual orientation. From conjecture to investigation, testimonials, experiments in vivo, in utero... men and women scientists express themselves here, all sexual preferences and nationalities combined. And it suffices not to listen to them in order to believe.


Production: Mona Lisa Production

Director: Thierry Berrod

Code EAN: 3760122390683

Language : French

Subtitles: -

Length: 90'


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