Verdun, they won't pass by Serge de Sampigny


Production : Histodoc

Director : Serge de Sampigny

Language : French

Subtitles : /

Length : 90 minutes

Code EAN : 3760122390508

Bonus DVD

• VERDUN, A MUSICAL EXPERIENCE We needed a strong music to talk about the battle of Verdun. Composed by Patrice d’Ollone, the music has been registered by 70 musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Republican Guard, directed by Le Colonel Boulanger. © ECPAD / Julien Tartivel

• THE REPOSSESSION OF THE DOUAUMONT'S FORT Autumn1916, the french army's cameras followed the soldiers during the battle of the Douaumont' Fort that has been taken by the Germans a few months earlier. We have 20 minutes of rare archives left of it. They take us into the heart of the battle.  We can rediscover images we saw on the documentary film and replaced in their own context. © ECPAD


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