Super Spider by Vincent Amouroux


They are said to be poisonous, evil, hairy and treacherous. Whether from their physical appearance or their behaviour, spiders suffer a bad reputation. We know little of their habits and we often fear them. And yet the spider is a creature of many powers and an endless source of amazement.

Did you know that spiders can fly? And that some can jump more than 40 times their own height, while others spit, dance, and some species even live underwater? Did you also know that spider’s silk is a substance so strong, its physical characteristics have yet to be matched by the most advanced man-made materials? In a single square meter, you might find up to 200 of these eight-legged creatures.

With more than 40,000 species, the spider offers a rich field of study for international scientists. From the summits of the highest mountains to the most distant isles, they have conquered the entire world. They adapt, change and multiply, and form an essential part of the ecological balance.

Thanks to some extraordinary filming techniques, this documentary takes us to the heart of the world of spiders – a world which remains largely a mystery, even though we live with spiders on a daily basis. This astonishing world can be glimpsed under any wardrobe, or with a trip to your balcony or garden.


PRODUCTION: ZED / Nova Media for ARTE / Ushuaïa TV / National Geographic US / High Fidelity / TV5 Canada

Director: Vincent Amouroux

Code EAN: 3760121804938

Language : French

Subtitles: --

Length: 52'


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