Nature's Superdads by Pascal Cardeilhac


Anyone who still thinks that in the wild, mothers are the only ones who take care of their young, is in for an eye-opening experience! Nothing could not be further from the truth. Nature is bursting with examples of fathers who step up to the plate. Feathered, furry or scaled, every family of beast has its own superdads, who take on the challenges of fatherhood, accompanying their offspring from birth to independence.

So who are these outstanding dads ?

In this film, we discover how important dads are in nature through a dozen different species. We observe their behavior, and understand that they play a more important role than we ever thought.


Production: MFP

Director: Pascal Cardeilhac

Language: French

Subtitles : -

Length: 52'

Code EAN: 3760122390652


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