Nature's Palace by Laurent Charbonnier


Built in the 16th century by François the 1st, a king deeply in love with nature and culture, Chambord’s castle is one of the most singular treasures that the French Renaissance has left us.

But Chambord is also the largest and the most ancient enclosed forest park in Europe. In the majestic gardens of the castle live an incredibly rich flora and fauna. With its 5440 acres of forest, animals now rule the Chambord Kingdom.

Many rare species such as ospreys, salamanders, black storks, wildcats abound and live in a natural state. With its variety of trees and its many different types of mammals, amphibians and birds, the park is pionner in wildlife conservation and houses a unique biodiversity.

In a blue-chip wildlife documentary, renowned director Laurent Charbonnier takes us into a microcosm of the European forest, for a whole year, and captures the beauty of an untamed environment as the seasons come and go.


Production: MC4

Director: Laurent Charbonnier

Languages: French / English

Subtitles: /

Length: 52 minutes

Code EAN : 3760121804464

Bonus DVD

• « Les gens de Chambord », a documentary about Château de Chambord's professions (52 min).

• Director's interview


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