Le Souffle by Alexander Kott


They live in the steppe. A father and a daughter. Nothing may disturb the eternal order. Tomorrow always comes. And every morning the father goes away to work. And she stays alone. To wait for her father. And to feel. Two men are in love with her. She loves everyone. Her love cannot be divided. One day, the decision comes by itself. It comes from where the sun lives.



Production: Profit LTD

Director: Alexander Kott

2014 – Russia – 1 :2.35 – Dolby Digital 5.1 – Without dialogue

Duration: 92 minutes

Code EAN : 3760121808868

Bonus DVD

• Fotograf, Alexander Kott's short movie (Official selection - Cinefondation of the Cannes Film Festival in 1998). (10 min.)

• Russian cinema specialists Joël Chapron, Dominique Fernandez and Katia Khazak's interviews. (8 min.)




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